Last Oasis Back Online After Servers Withstand Pressure Test

Published: April 6, 2020 3:02 PM /


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Developer and publisher Donkey Crew released their nomadic survival MMO title, Last Oasis, to the public just a couple of weeks in late March. Unfortunately, the game's servers couldn't withstand the amount of players who flocked to the title, considering its attractive aesthetic and relatively anticipated release. The studio conducted several stress tests, and they decided to finally keep the servers online from now on while closely monitoring their performance.

Donkey Crew's latest blog post on Last Oasis' Steam page thanked the community for helping the studio stabilize and maintain a consistent server for players to connect to. Luckily, no major issues were faced, thus finally prompting Donkey Crew to keep Last Oasis' servers live. Not only that, but they also continued to reveal what the game's upcoming update will include, as the developer intends to allow players to change their character's name and customize their appearance. A rework to the character deletion feature is in the works as well. The studio continued to discuss how players can visit their friends' Oasis through Last Oasis' respawn feature, but you will have to sacrifice your inventory and leave your walker behind.

We're working on a content patch, which should be ready next week, and we'll be adding an ability to change your character's name and appearance soon. We will also be reworking the character deletion feature, but it will be coming later, as we'd like to make it a stable as possible. Unfortunately, it was one of the major reasons for the backend issues in the past.

What do you think of Last Oasis as one of the few newly released survival MMOs in the market? Do you think its compelling apocalyptic storyline is enough for you to jump in? Let us know your thoughts on the title if you gave it a try in the comments section below.

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