New Dontnod Game Tell Me Why Announced

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New Dontnod Game Tell Me Why Announced

November 14, 2019

By: Andrew Otton

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Xbox Game Studios
PC, Xbox One

Dontnod Entertainment announced a new game at X019 today, that looks to be in a similar vein to Life is Strange. Tell Me Why is set to launch all chapters in Summer of 2020.

Set in a small town in Alaska, Dontnod says Tell Me Why is aiming to be another narrative adventure with truth at its core. Twins Tyler and Alyson Ronan explore their bond with one another as they discover and process memories of their childhood. They are definitely looked back on fondly, but they discover some troubling things too.

Over the course of the game, players will explore the twins' memories of different events of their lives and choose which one they want to believe. Of course, there will be some pretty big differences in their memories, but it's up to you to choose. Your choices will affect the main mechanic of the game, which is that bond between the twins, and will affect their future lives.

Both Tyler and Alyson are playable and seen as the co-main characters. For Tyler, Dontnod has worked with LGBTQ organization GLAAD to help make an authentic character. Tyler is a transgender man and Dontnod wants to accurately portray the trans experience and have a character with a lot of depth and dimensions. They also don't want Tyler to just be a bunch of trans tropes in one character. Rather, Tyler being trans is just one facet—a big one of course—of who Tyler is, and Tell Me Why wants to explore it all.


Tell Me Why will be episodic, and if you don't like to wait between episodes, Tell Me Why promises to all come out in the Summer of next year. That means that, while there will be gaps between episodes, they should be much shorter than what Dontnod fans might be used to with the Life is Strange series. 

Tell Me Why is releasing for Xbox One, PC, and Steam.

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