A few of the characters from Tell Me Why.

Tell Me Why is Free During Pride Month

June 1, 2021 12:21 PM

By: Brian Renadette


DONTNOD Entertainment, the studio behind the episodic adventure game Tell Me Why, is making their game free for the entirety of Pride Month. Adventure game fans will be able to get the game for their preferred platform from the 1st of June to the 30th.

In an announcement posted on their game's website, DONTNOD Entertainment spoke about the appreciation they received from fans, especially trans and queer ones. These fans have sent them messages of appreciation about how Tyler's homecoming as a trans man and Alyson's struggles with trauma have impacted them and connected with them. The team's intention for making Tell Me Why free for Pride Month is to allow more people to access the game and to encourage players to spend their money on helping trans and queer communities. Their post even gives some suggestions as to how people can support trans and queer communities, even if they don't have much money to spare.




Released in August last year, Tell Me Why is the latest series of episodic adventure games from the creators of Life is Strange. In the game, Tyler and Alyson Ronan revisit their childhood home in the small Alaskan town of Delos Crossing a decade after the traumatic death of their mother. The twins share a supernatural bond that lets them communicate telepathically and experience past events in vivid detail. The choices players make will affect the twins' relationship and shape the course of their lives as they explore their conflicting childhood memories.

Tell Me Why is available on Steam, the Windows 10 Store, and Xbox consoles.


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