New Dark Envoy Trailer Shows Off Character Classes And Specializations

Published: August 2, 2023 9:03 AM /


A player character confronting a large green monster in Dark Envoy

Event Horizon has released a new Dark Envoy trailer, showing off the character classes and specializations in the upcoming steampunk RPG.

In the new trailer, we get a look at the game's four character classes, across which you can also choose from 12 different specializations.

Dark Envoy will also offer a choice of six companions, each of whom brings their own skills and specializations to the table.

First, we get to see Kaela, one of the game's two playable siblings, as an Adept, a sort of traditional sorcerer archetype who excels at ranged magic and crowd control.

The second class we see is the Engineer, modeled by Kaela's younger brother Malakai. The Engineer's strength is in control; they can create traps, summon constructs, and even harness lightning.

Next, we see Benedict, a city guard captain and "close family friend" of Kaela and Malakai. He's a Warrior, a frontline fighter with access to earth magic and tanky shield abilities.

We then get to see a "mysterious construct" companion who's also a "terrifyingly efficient mercenary". This character is a Ranger, a long-range specialist who can also use traps.

These are just a few of the characters and specializations you can look forward to meeting in Dark Envoy, with more yet to be revealed.

Dark Envoy was originally revealed back in 2021 and set for a publishing partnership with Asmodee Digital in the following year, although it was subsequently pushed back to 2023.

The game is a real-time CRPG with tactical RTS elements. It tells the story of Malakai and Kaela, two siblings who must work together to uncover the dark secrets of the world of Jäan.

Dark Envoy is set for release on PC via Steam and GOG sometime this year, although we don't have a more specific release date just yet. Stay tuned for more.


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