Dark Envoy is a Sci-Fantasy RPG Releasing This Year

Published: May 4, 2022 10:56 AM /


Dark Envoy

Dark Envoy is a sci-fantasy guns n' sorcery RPG that's releasing later this year on PC and consoles. Asmodee Digital has just signed on to publish the Event Horizon-developed title, which will be playable in a single-player mode or in online co-op for up to two players.

"We are delighted to partner today with the gifted Event Horizon team to publish Dark Envoy, an innovative tactical RPG" said Nicolas Godement, Head of Operations at Asmodee Digital. "As we are expanding our editorial scope towards new genres and new audiences, Dark Envoy fits perfectly with our desire to offer players increasingly varied and immersive gaming experiences. We look forward to allowing players to discover the unique world of Dark Envoy and are excited to support Event Horizon throughout this journey."

What is Dark Envoy?

Dark Envoy is a sci-fantasy guns n' sorcery RPG that has a non-linear story and tactical party-based combat. Players will play as Malakai and Kaela, who are two children of war refugees. They are looking for ancient relics and forgotten places, and while doing so they must survive war, and all the tragedies that come with it. Basically, the planet Jäan is full of old traditions and mana-based technology. Orcs and Elves, who have looked down on Humans for their weak connection to magic, are now fighting to protect the natural order of magic.


"For Dark Envoy, we were looking for a publisher that shares our utmost respect for the gaming community and is willing to experiment with gameplay mechanics and look for ways to refresh the RPG genre," explained Krzysztof Monkiewicz, CEO of Event Horizon. "Asmodee Digital is focused on delivering high-quality entertainment, and that fits perfectly with our mission to make our games a unique experience for all players.

If you're interested in learning more about Dark Envoy, there are  Steam, Facebook, Twitter, and Discord pages available to peruse and digitally stalk. For information on Dark Envoy, Asmodee Digital, and Event Horizon, stay tuned to TechRaptor.

Want to see Dark Envoy in action? Check out its latest trailer below!

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