Monster Hunter Rise Rush Collab Brings Mega Man's Good Boy

In Monster Hunter Rise's Capcom Collab 4, you'll be able to play with Rush, Mega Man's good boy and friend, by using a layered armor set on your Palamute

Published: September 17, 2021 11:02 AM /


Monster Hunter Rise

Capcom has announced Monster Hunter Rise's Capcom Collab 4, and this time we're going to hang out with a character from the Mega Man universe. Not Mega Man himself, because that would be too much fun, but Rush from Mega Man 11, who is available as a Palamute skin through an in-game Event Quest that will be made available on September 24.

Players will be able to equip the layered armor and change your Palamute's appearance and bark to Rush's. You can also perform a drift to switch to Rush jet, which is literally as it sounds. If you jump from a dismount, Rush will change into a Rush Coil, which can help players get to out-of-reach places via a springloaded seat.

Don't believe me? Check out the trailer below:

Wild, huh? It's not the first weird collab to come from Capcom. There's also a fifth one coming this Fall, which will join the Okami Collab that came in July and the Street Fighter Collab that came in August. By that trajectory, we should get another Collab at the end of October.

While this may be obvious, Capcom does warn people that if they want the DLC they'll need to have enough space on the system memory or microSD card to download the update. Obvious but hey, maybe this will remind someone to clear out their Switch in time for the update. You can also keep your save data after downloading the update, which shouldn't be stated considering it's essentially a skin DLC but it's nice to know for sure. Last but not least is that if you want to use the DLC and play online you'll have to update your game to the latest version. Obvious again, but I'm sure the warning will help at least one confused chap who wants to show off their Rush Palamute online.

What do you think of this news? Are you ready to play some more Monster Hunter Rise with your new Palamute skin? Let us know in the comments!

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