Microsoft Flight Simulator F-14 Tomcat Gets New Screenshots; Cessna 162 Skycatcher & UK VORs Released

Published: August 3, 2023 7:49 PM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator F-14 Tomcat

Today third-party developers had reveals and plenty of releases to share of new add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator, including aircraft and scenery.

We start with Indiafoxtecho and Heatblur, which shared new information (in the form of a FAQ) about the upcoming F-14 Tomcat alongside new screenshots.The aircraft is now in beta.

Q - Will the package include the F-14B?
A - Yes, both the (late) F-14A and (early) F-14B will be included. However, no F-14D (at least for now).
Q - How many liveries will be included?
A - Final number is yet to be decided, as we want to keep the package within a manageable file size, at the moment we have 22 liveries included - final number may go up to 30 or so.
Q - Will it have a radar?
A - YES, on PC. We will be using an improved version of our radar module, specifically tailored for the F-14. Nothing close to the DCS version, but pretty advanced by MSFS standards. You can give basic commands to the RIO from the front seat, or jump to the backseat and take control of the WCS.
The radar is based on SimConnect, and will only show AI planes (hoping that Microsoft discloses the proper variables for a better implementation in future) - therefore will not work on XBOX.
Q - What about inertial navigation system?
A - Fully implemented, except RADAR and TACAN FIX system at the moment (but we are trying to implement them). Actually the F-14 bypasses the MSFS navigation system and has a completely custom-coded one. MSFS waypoints will be loaded as F-14 waypoints, but you will be able to create them from scratch in the RIO cockpit.
Q - Weapons?
A - Same story as our F-35: the model WILL HAVE weapons in copies purchased OUTSIDE the Microsoft Marketplace. WEAPONS WILL BE COSMETIC ONLY.
Copies purchased on the Microsoft Marketplace WILL BE UNARMED.
This is to comply with Microsoft policies - sorry: we do not make the  rules.
Q - Will the F-14 be available on Xbox?
A - Yes, or at least we hope so. We have tested and Alpha version on XBox series S without problems - although the radar module will not work.
Q - And what about the Forrestal?
A - The Forrestal model will be part of the package.


Next, we get the release of the Cessna 162 Skycatcher by Cockspur. It's available both at the official marketplace (for both Xbox and PC) and at the developer's own store (only for PC) for $19.99.

Here's what it looks like. It includes two versions and 12 real-world liveries. 


Burning Blue Design released something quite special, the United Kingdom VORs package. Basically, it is scenery that recreates all the VOR antennas in the UK. It's available both at the official marketplace (for both Xbox and PC) and at the developer's own store (only for PC) for $10.99.

  • All 50 VORs across the British Isles
  • 8 different VOR lattice types.
  • 5 different VOR building types.
  • Full Physical Based Rendering (PBR) textures throughout.
  • A wide variety of vegetation, walls & fences, and ground clutter.
  • Animated people and static vehicles.
  • Ground merging and terraforming.
  • Merging with existing airports and airfields.
  • Points of Interest for each VOR station have been added.

Another relevant release comes from PMDG, and it's the official marketplace launch of the Boeing 737-600 and 900 for both Xbox and PC, priced respectively at $34.99 and $49.99.

This is especially relevant because at $34.99, the 737-600 is basically the most affordable entry point for high-complexity simulation available to Xbox users. If you're on a budget but want the thrill of mastering an airliner that is as true to life as it gets in a home flight simulator, this is highly recommended. 

Microsoft Flight Simulator is currently available for PC, Xbox Series X|S, and Xbox Cloud Gaming, alongside Game Pass. If you'd like to hear more about the sim's many upcoming add-ons, you should check out TechRaptor regularly as we have daily Microsoft Flight Simulator news on the topic to keep everyone up to date.

You can also take a look at our interviews with Microsoft's Jorg Neumann about the Antonov An-225 "Mriya" and iniBuilds' CEO Ubaid Mussa on the activity of the popular third-party developer.

On top of that, we review add-ons, including Orbx's Stockholm Arlanda and Oslo Gardermoen AirportsiniBuilds' New York-JFK Airport, and RHDSimulations' Boeing 767-300ER.


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