Lost Ark Fall 2022 Roadmap Revealed

Published: August 1, 2022 3:59 PM /


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The Lost Ark Fall 2022 roadmap has been revealed, and from the looks of it, it's going to be a great couple of months. With new features such as a pet ranch, festivals, and combat updates, there will be no lack of content to look forward to. 

Lost Ark Fall 2022 Roadmap, Lost Ark PetFarm Group

This action-packed and free-to-play MMORPG is already fun as is, and the additional content shows that they have plenty of ideas to keep the ball rolling. The roadmap for August 2022 shows the addition of a Pet Ranch, where players can spend time with and grow their pets big and strong. The ranch offers rewards to those who invest time into playing with their pet and keeping them happy and engaged. To gain access to this little gem, you will need to first unlock the farm, and the cave and then obtain a pet. Once that's been accomplished, you will need to complete the "Yay, Pet Ranch!" quest, and you're set to hang out with your buddy!

Also on the agenda for August is the Maharaka Festival, which will gain new activities, including collecting leaves from the Maharaka Tree in Maharaka Paradise, which is said to bring luck to those who find them. The leaves can then be exchanged for new items such as mounts and animal skins.

September 2022 has been separated into two parts. Part one showcases more of the backend features such as techy-type stuff and social updates. The devs will also be improving the cross-server interaction aspect of the game, including interacting with people from different servers in Strongholds and having the ability to add friends from different servers as well. 

Part two is where all the good stuff is for September. Just like some of the previous updates, a new Legion Raid will be added to the game. Kakul-Saydon, a psychopathic killer clown who lives within the Midnight Circus will attempt to strike you down. He is the commander of the Mayhem Legion, and you must use your wits and strongest abilities to make it to the end, where you and your party will take on the insanely creepy Kakul-Saydon himself. There will be no revives available during battle, so make sure to get your game face on, or face the dire consequences. 

On top of the new raid in part two of the September updates comes an intriguing new class; Machinist. Wielding extremely high-tech machine guns and laser weapons, the Machinist is jam-packed with some pretty neat features. The class has an identity skill that changes the player's suit of armor into a state-of-the-art killing machine alongside the Hypersync ability. Charge up your new suit by landing devastating blows against your enemy target, and once you have put it on, it won't come off until your abilities are all tapped out. 

To check out a full list of the Lost Ark Fall 2022 roadmap, head over to the game's official page.


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