Light a Spark with The Last Campfire

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Light a Spark with The Last Campfire

March 17, 2020

By: Robert Grosso

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Hello Games
Hello Games
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August 27, 2020 (Calendar)
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Hello Games, best known for No Man's Sky, has showed off a brand new trailer for their upcoming indie title, The Last Campfire

This intimate adventure stars Ember, a character who is lost in a large, dark woodland and must find their way home. As Ember, players must navigate puzzles across ancient ruins using your powers of fire to light the way across the landscape. Ember is shown using a magical blue fire across this realm, unlocking secrets and doors across the realm in a search for one thing; to spark hope one last time to find meaning in the actions you take. 

The Last Campfire has been a title that Hello Games has been working on for a few years now, and was first announced in late 2018. The project was spearheaded by developers Chris Symonds and Steven Burgess, best known for their work on the Nintendo Wii indie title LostWinds.  

"The game means a great deal to me and the team," states Burgess on the Indie World March stream. "We tried to make something about compassion, empathy, and finding hope."


The Last Campfire is more than just puzzle solving; it is an exploration of a lost world ravaged by time. As Ember, players will discover more than just mysterious ruins; but also strange creatures and a lost civilization. We see one possible power by Ember as well, with their blue flame reviving a character turned to stone, though it showed other characters, similarly clothed like Ember, to be nothing but skeletons as well. 

Whatever mysteries that can be uncovered, The Last Campfire looks to be a more somber experience than Hello Games previous efforts, and is slated to be released on the Nintendo Switch, along with all other platforms, later this Summer.

What are your thoughts on The Last Campfire? Leave your comments below. 

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