Kojima Partners With Xbox Game Studios On New Game

Published: June 12, 2022 2:34 PM /


Hideo Kojima partnering with Xbox Game Studios

During the Xbox E3 2022 showcase, Hideo Kojima made an appearance to announce that Kojima Productions will be working with Xbox Game Studios on a completely new game. Few details are known at this time, but Kojima mentioned that Microsoft's cutting-edge cloud technology will help them deliver a product they're excited about.

Hideo Kojima Teaming Up with Xbox Game Studios


There is no new Kojima game release date, gameplay or other details at this time, but just having the name partnered with Xbox Game Studios is enough to get fans excited for what will come next from the mind of Hideo Kojima. The prospect of the newest Kojima game being a day-one Game Pass game will also surely entice players who have followed his work for a long time. With rumors swirling around that a sequel to Death Stranding on PlayStation being not that far off (thanks to Norman Reedus leaking Death Stranding 2), it's intriguing to hear about what new story Kojima may be cooking up.

Leaning Into the Mystery of Kojima

Few developers wrap their projects in as much mystery as Kojima, even by video game developer standards. This means any action he takes will lead to wild speculation from the masses of the internet, whether it's breaking down Kojima's obsession with clocks or following every update he gives himself, like the announcement of Kojima Productions working on two new games back in December. It seems one of those games he mentioned months ago could be this new project he's working on with Xbox Game Studios.

As documented in a report from Tom Henderson last week, Kojima is working on a new horror game, currently known as "Overdose". Though not much is known about this new Kojima game, it does seem most likely that this is the title that Kojima has partnered with Xbox Game Studios on. 

Stay tuned to learn more about Hideo Kojima's new partnership with Xbox Game Studios as more is revealed in the future!



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