Death Stranding 2 Confirmed By Norman Reedus

Work on Death Stranding 2 appears to be underway, if a recent interview with the first game's star Norman Reedus is anything to go by

Published: May 20, 2022 11:39 AM /


Sam looks out over a lake in Death Stranding

Norman Reedus has confirmed that Death Stranding 2 is in development. In a recent interview about his career, he revealed that a followup to 2019's ambitious Kojima Productions game is in the works, although he didn't reveal much more about the project.

What do we know about Death Stranding 2?

In a recent interview with culture platform Leo Edit, Reedus gave an interview about the upcoming The Walking Dead finale, as well as various other highlights from his career. The interviewer asks Reedus about Death Stranding, at which point Reedus says that he "just started the second one", confirming the existence of a Death Stranding sequel. Reedus says that since the game "won all these awards", a sequel began production sometime after the first one wrapped. Looks like Sam Porter-Bridges has plenty more walking to do in the future.

Sam walking across a light bridge in Death Stranding
Death Stranding 2 has been confirmed by Norman Reedus, so expect more majestic landscapes and lots of walking in the future.

Reedus also talks about the process of immortalizing himself for Death Stranding's mocap sessions. According to Reedus, the process involves "giant domes with thousands of cameras", which take photos from various angles. He describes the procedure as "[capturing] DNA as they call it", which developers can then use to "make movies with you for eternity". If you're feeling particularly nostalgic, you might also appreciate Reedus' reference to Silent Hills, which was the project he was originally making with Kojima Productions before it was unceremoniously shelved by Konami (although fans were still discovering secrets in its playable trailer five years on). You can check out the full interview on Leo Edit if you want to hear Reedus reflect on his career and his future some more.

What will Death Stranding 2 look like?

Given that we have very little information about Death Stranding 2 right now, and given that it hasn't officially been confirmed by Kojima Productions, all we can do is speculate at the moment. Evidently, Reedus' Sam Porter-Bridges will make a return, although we wouldn't put it past Hideo Kojima to cast him as a completely new character without any explanation whatsoever. As such, it's not a stretch to imagine that characters like Guillermo del Toro's Deadman or Léa Seydoux's Fragile will also come back. As we said, though, this is all hard speculation.

Amelie and Sam in Death Stranding
Some characters could well make a return in Death Stranding, while others are more unlikely.

You can grab Death Stranding right now on PlayStation consoles and PC. The Director's Cut version of the game, which adds a bunch of visual improvements and extra content, also made its way to PC earlier this year, having already launched for the PS5 in September last year. E3 may have been canceled for this year, but major events like the Summer Game Fest are still very much alive, so we could well be getting an official Death Stranding 2 reveal sooner rather than later. Stay tuned for more.

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