Indie Shooter Battle Splash Opens Public Alpha

Published: June 28, 2017 2:06 PM /


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After successfully being Greenlit by the Steam community and undergoing pre-alpha testing, indie arcade shooter Battle Splash is now entering a public Alpha. Dranya Studio has been making steady progress on the multiplayer water fight game and now new features have been added as it grows closer to completion. Take a look at the game’s trailer below to get a feel for the game play.

Battle Splash centers around four female characters from the same family engaging in epic water gun and balloon fights. All have their own weapon and skill set to accommodate different playstyles. Aside from having distinct personalities each character also has class-specific items based on their strengths and advantages. Battlegrounds are virtual environments created by the character Trianga in her garage. You can learn more about the four main characters in this article here.

The game is a fast paced third person shooter with solo and multiplayer modes. In solo mode players will face off against AI adversaries. There’s also co-op game play where you can join forces with other players against the AI. Epic multiplayer versus battles will play up to 32 players.

Battle Splash
One of the battle arena environments in Battle Splash.

The Alpha version of the game is the first version to include online capabilities. It also has many improvements, bug fixes and gameplay balance tweaks made since the Pre-Alpha versions. The developer states that they decided to release the Alpha to the public in order to prepare for Steam Online features that will be added later.

Battle Splash is a nonviolent team based third person shooter suitable for players of all ages on PC. The Alpha is currently featured on If you’re interested in playing the Battle Splash Alpha you can download it here. More information about the game can be learned from the official website.

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