Gone Home Goes to Console in January

Published: December 7, 2015 3:20 PM /


Gone Home Console Edition

Well known Walking Simulator Gone Home was one of the indie darlings of much of the world in 2013, and while it was always planned to go to console the development there had hit a rough patch. In fact, earlier this year after their publishing partner Majesco had some financial issues, it was announced that the console version was no longer in the works.

Fast forward to today, and in a post on Playstation Blog, as well as their own site, Steve Gaynor of Fullbright Studios announced that the console version of Gone Home was going to launch next month. The focus on the transition has been to keep the game as close to the PC version as possible, not adding in any extra content or changes, although the game has moved it's engine to Unity 5.0, presumably to make the move to console easier. It will also be coming with the team commentary that was released for the PC version later on for people to listen to with comments by voice actors, composers, singers, and of course the developers themselves. 

Gone Home Console Edition will be releasing January 12 on Playstation 4 and Xbox One and is planned to be $19.99 USD, just like the PC version.


Quick Take

Gone Home has been something of a divisive title since it's launch with it serving as a common talking point on the 'is it a game' region. I would say regardless if you view it as a non-game interactive medium or a good game, it's good to see the developers able to work things out with their publishers and get everything back on track. There's room for a lot of different experiences in gaming in my opinion, and Gone Home is different from most, especially on the consoles where there haven't been many walking simulator styled games. 

On a slight side note, if you watch the video on the Playstation Blog, it appears they recorded a slightly different version as all mentions or references to Xbox are gone. In fact towards the end of the video when he says he's happy to be bringing it to console, he instead says bringing it to Playstation and the Xbox One tag is removed. Not really important, just a bit funny I thought and decided to share.

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