Generation Zero Companion Update Gives You A Little Robot Friend

Published: July 18, 2023 9:36 AM /


Your little robotic companion in the new Generation Zero Companion Update

Systemic Reaction has released the Generation Zero Companion Update, and as the name suggests, it's bringing a brand new robot companion for you to team up with.

Previous Generation Zero updates have added fully destructible bases and a photo mode, but this one's all about making the game's world feel just a little less empty and lonely.

Your new companion takes the form of a Runner, a robot you can build, customize, and deploy whenever you want. Before you ask, yes, it's also possible to pet your little friend.

If you want to meet the Runner, you'll need to pick up the new Making Friends mission at the Vesslan Bunker Warboard. Completing that quest will give you a machine buddy you can take into battle with you.

Your pet's name, weapons, color, and voice can all be changed, too, so you can create exactly the kind of robo-pal you've always wanted.

Three different weapons will be available for your Runner: a machine gun, a shotgun, and a rocket launcher. As you'd imagine, they're all good for different situations, so experiment to find out what works best for you.

You can repair your pet when it gets damaged using Repair Kits, and it can even carry items and weapons for you. It's got a weight limit of 30, and that limit can't currently be upgraded, so make sure to distribute items evenly between the two of you.

In terms of customization, there are three different name lists available for your buddy, as well as four distinct paint jobs, three of which you'll have to loot. If you like, you can also buy the paid Companion Accessories Pack DLC, which brings even more customization options.

The core Generation Zero Companion Update is available right now for free for all players. The Companion Accessories Pack DLC will set you back $6.99. 


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