Open World Shooter Generation Zero Is Getting A Photo Mode Next Week

Published: May 25, 2019 11:20 AM /


generation zero

Avalanche Studios' open-world survival shooter Generation Zero is getting a photo mode. The feature will land next week as part of the game's upcoming May update.

The dev says Generation Zero has been unanimously praised for its stunning visuals, so a photo mode makes sense. You'll be able to use filters to alter your pictures. We don't know much else about the photo mode right now, but expect the usual stuff; hide the HUD, change the angle of your shot, et cetera. We'll know more about it once the May update drops and the patch notes are released.

Generation Zero is also getting a slew of improvements in the May update. Avalanche says it's improved the game's intro island based on player feedback and that players were not getting a feel for the game during their initial experience. The island now gives new players a "better understanding of the variety the game holds later on". Again, exactly what's been changed isn't clear. Going forward, the studio plans to explore "other ways of filling up the world".

There have also been a number of balance tweaks made to the game. You can now turn head-bobbing on and off through the options menu. Some of the sounds in the game have been altered for comfort and convenience. Explosive damage is now more consistently calculated and XP is awarded in a more consistent and predictable way. Avalanche says these aren't all the changes being made to Generation Zero in the May update, so expect more info when it lands.

Finally, the devs are teasing a new event in Generation Zero. This event will allow players to work together during a limited time event. Avalanche plans to unveil specifics during a live stream next week. If you don't tune in you can still get details from the dev's social media pages and forums. Again, once we know more about that event we'll let you know. In the meantime, remind yourself what TechRaptor thought of Generation Zero with our look at the game.

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