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Foregone is a New Epic Games Store Exclusive

Published: December 18, 2019 3:30 PM



Canadian Indie developer Big Blue Bubble has announced their upcoming game, Foregone, is coming to the Epic Game Store in February.

Revealed during the Epic Games Store reel at last week's The Game Awards, Forgeone is a 2D action platformer game where players play as an Arbiter, a powerful being from the city of Calagan. The city is currently under siege by a force known as the Harrow, a corrupting force that has devastated Calagan for years. As the Arbiter, players will fight against legions of the Harrow, including taking on massive bosses and uncovering the truth about the Harrow. 


Foregone will feature narrative-driven gameplay that will see the Arbiter collect an arsenal of weapons to take down hordes of enemies and bosses. The Arbiter will also have branching skill trees and customizable abilities, to give players options when taking on the Harrow.

One unique aspect of Foregone is the game's visuals. Though the game is primarily 2-D, Foregone also features the use of 3D pixel art and animation for character sprites, which gives all movement fluidity that is rarely seen in 2-D games. 


The PC version of Foregone will be an Epic Games Store Exclusive. "We’re excited for the PC release of Foregone through the Epic Games Store,” said Damir Slogar, founder and CEO of Big Blue Bubble. “Our team has worked tirelessly on every detail to produce a game that we’re sure players will appreciate and enjoy.”

Foregone will launch in early access starting February 27th, 2020. The game is currently available for preorder today at the price of $24.99 on the Epic Game Store. Forgone will also be released on consoles in mid-2020. 

What are your thoughts on Foregone? Does it look like a game to pick up on the Epic Games Store? Leave your comments below. 


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