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Foregone Beginner's Guide PS4 Xbox One PC

Foregone is the newest action platformer to hit PC and consoles, and it can be pretty challenging, especially for those who don't particularly agree with Souls-like mechanics. Here's a beginner's course on how to succeed in Foregone

Weapon Rarity In Foregone

Foregone Weapon Rarity PC PS4 Xbox One

As you defeat enemies, they will drop new weapons and equipment for your character to pick up. Something to look out for is the color that is encircling the item. Blank is common, rare is blue, epic is purple, orange is legendary, and if you're very lucky, red is mythic. The number of times you can upgrade an item depends on how rare it is. Being able to upgrade a mythic weapon five times as opposed to a common that is only once is a big deal. 

Destroy Everything In Foregone

Foregone Boxes Coins Essence

You want to rake in that cash, so break every box you can find in the level. They can give you money, essence, and that essential health you require on your journey. They can also reveal some loot every once in a while, so it's very important to do this. Don't leave any box unturned. Scorched earth should be your number-one goal in this game. 

There Are Hidden Areas You Can Slide Into In Foregone

Foregone Secret Areas PS4 Xbox One PC

For the most watchful players, Foregone has a few secret rooms you can enter to get that sweet, sweet cash. Look out for walls that have rectangular wall on them. You are most likely able to slide in there and slide out. Press the B button (or circle with a PS4 controller) to slide. Break everything inside, collect the weapons and equipment, and get out by sliding out. This feels like it's inspired by a SEGA classic Strider

Don't Waste Your Weapons In Foregone

Foregone Blacksmith Weapon Upgrade PS4 Xbox One PC

One of the worst things you can do is scrap the weapons you have in your bag, due to running out of room. Whenever you die in the game, go straight to the blacksmith and salvage them for cash; you'll need it. You can use that newfound money on upgrades for your best weapons, making runs way easier than they used to. Don't be wasteful and you'll be just fine. 

Upgrade Foregone's Weapons, Equipment, and Skills

Foregone Upgrade Weapons Guide PS4 Xbox One PC

With money, you can significantly upgrade your favorite weapons and equipment. Just make sure that you've picked the strongest one with the best stat modifier that fits your play style. This is the main way your character will progress and tackle this horrific landscape. Skills can also be upgraded at the main hub area. Once again, consider your play style; you might want to tank and have the most health or deal a heavier amount of critical damage. The decision is yours. 

Sliding Is Your Friend In Foregone

Foregone Sliding PS4 Xbox One PC

Foregone doesn't have a standard dodge roll that most of these games usually have. Instead, you'll have to dash away from attacks. The cooldown time between slides isn't long at all, and you can slide here and there pretty quickly. Dish out two slashes of your sword and then dip out quickly away to the left or the right. If you time it just right, you can also slide through an attack from a boss or a common enemy. You'll get the hang of it! 

You Can Teleport To Waypoints In Foregone

Foregone Teleport Stations PS4 Xbox One PC

Once you've reached a waypoint, you can teleport to that spot in the world after you die. It's like Dark Souls 2's bonfire system. You won't have to go through the entire level again. However, there is a certain advantage to grinding through the enemies you face again. You can get a lot of cash, weapons, equipment, and essence that way. I didn't even know you could do this until I beat the first boss. This could have saved a lot of time. 

Foregone's Ferryman Can Give Your Items Back Instantly But There's A Catch

Foregone Ferryman Hub Guide PS4 Xbox One PC

Frustrated that you lost your money and essence? Well, the ferryman can help you, but he can only give you half of the amount back. Like Dark Souls, you can regain your currency by reclaiming it, but in Foregone, you can only regain half to upgrade to your hearts' content. I believe this is a good thing to do as you're starting out because you can upgrade your weapons and skills immediately rather than trudging through the level time and time again. However, when you finally get your footing, you should return to the hub as soon as you can if you see a waypoint. 

We hope this guide will help you on your way to saving Calagan from the evil forces that provoke it! 

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