EverQuest in Minecraft: User "Trydar" Builds Norrath

Published: September 21, 2019 8:30 PM /


norrath in minecraft - central cathedral

Eventually, everything will be built in Minecraft. If you like seeing huge, impressive new structures built in Minecraft, pay attention: Trydar has constructed Norrath in the world-building game.

The online user has completed a blank map of the Everquest region at a total size of 10 gigabytes and 55 billion blocks, after a time period of over two years. Now available for download, any Minecraft user can take it and build their own structures within it. Meanwhile, Trydar will be constructing his own take on the cities and structures of Norrath.


The first step: the city of Freeport, the spawn area of the world. Here Trydar begins constructing the central cathedral. Of course, you are likely realizing how unnecessarily tedious it must be to build such structures block by block. This is where MCEdit comes into play.


minecraft welcome to norrath screenshot
Welcome to Norrath! It's...pretty big!



MCEdit is an open source editing program for Minecraft. It is in pre-alpha and was originally built to allow players to keep structures from older versions of the game and bring them into newer versions. It also comes with several other features aimed at improving the construction process. The key feature Trydar notes is copying and pasting different sets of blocks, which speeds up building Norrath considerably.

Trydar has put together several structures using it, including the gigantic cathedral. His process? He begins with a wireframe of each structure, then fleshes it out. After building a quarter of it, he copies and pastes while rotating until the full model is finished. Next, he copies it into the actual world of Norrath.

Copied in, the complete central cathedral is immense. Check out the YouTube video below to get a sense of it, and an idea of Trydar's process:



This is an impressive and highly-detailed project that any Minecraft or EverQuest fan should be following. Subscribe to Trydar’s YouTube channel for updates and to leave the author feedback. You can download the blank world file here.


EverQuest fan or not, does this interest you? Plan to download it and start building? Do you already build complicated structures in Minecraft yourself? Let us know in the comments below!

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