Embrace Your Villainous Side with Inferno in Soulcalibur VI

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It's about to get a little hot in Soulcalibur VI, as the iconic villain Inferno was announced today with a new design and plenty of terrifying moves.

Inferno is a name any Soulcalibur player will recognize, as he's appeared in numerous entries including Soul Blade, the game that started it all. This time, you won't just be fighting him - you can fight with him. Alright, let's not forget that you could play as him in Soulcalibur II, but not without some cheating of your own.

So what's Inferno all about? Here's what Bandai Namco had to say:

As the evil spirit of Soul Edge, Inferno is fearsome, possessing deep knowledge of fighting techniques which he mimics with uncanny skill, allowing him to use any weapon and fighting style with a phenomenal degree of expertise. Inferno’s power defies standard means of measurement, if one were only comparing skill and weaponry, then Inferno easily transcends any of Soul Edge’s previous vessels.
It's important to point out that this description says he can mimic other fighters (which is something he's done in other games) but in the trailer, he appears to only be able to use Soul Edge. Further, his fighting style is to make use of "Whatever the fighting style of those under his control" according to the trailer.


One last note from the trailer that is very important: Inferno cannot be played in online multiplayer.

With the announcement of Inferno, we now know all of the base characters coming to Soulcalibur VI. DLC characters will be revealed from now on likely post-released. Speaking of which, you can get your hands on the game very soon - October 19th, 2018.

Quick Take

I'm just a tad disappointed that it wasn't a brand new character but Inferno's design makes up for it. I'm also not entirely surprised that he won't be available to play online - I mean, did you see his insane moves in the trailer? As for DLC characters, I'd like to see, I want Lizardman. 

What do you think of this character reveal? What characters are you hoping to see as DLC? Let us know in the comments below!

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