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Sony E3 2016 Death Stranding

Earlier today, Kojima Productions - Hideo Kojima's new development team, following his departure from Konami - made a series of tweets about their first title, Death Stranding, which premiered this week during the Sony E3 2016 conference.

Getting information on Death Stranding's plot, characters, and setting from Kojima has been difficult - the famous Japanese developer has kept a tight lip on everything regarding the in-progress title.

However, today Kojima Productions commented on Death Stranding on social media, making a series of posts regarding the teaser trailer, which can be seen below.


The series of tweets, nine in total, describe Kojima Productions approach to their first title.  They are transcribed below from the images in the tweets, without any alteration or commentary from the author.

"In our teaser we featured both the 'connecting strands' of handcuffs/umbilical cords and also stranding of whales.  Of course, there are also other hints in there.  The 'dog tags' being one of these.  Our game is still far from being released but the 'game' has already begun.  What are you able to spot?"

"In the short time after starting KojiPro, we've been able to find people, build and environment to work, looked into tech, started up a project and finish this teaser.  After making games for 30 years, I'm not worried at all.  And to back us up we've had both Mark (Cerny), Kyle (Cooper) and the people of Sony's 'strand'."

"Of course, a 'strand' also connects us to Norman Reedus.  Thanks to this, we were able to finish this teaser just 2.5 short months.  He was kind enough to help us out and be part of this strenuous process."

"From the days of coin operated games have had a continue option if you were to fail at your mission.  Failing would also mean the death of your game character.  In making a game, both in story and in the game system you depict death.  However, 'death' is about to have a new meaning."

"Still, the main parts of playing will not change.  Comparing it to driving; driving a car you're familiar with will have the same familiar feeling when accelerating or braking.  It's when driving this 'familiar' car without stress for a while that you'll first notice the difference.  That's the kind of game it needs to be."

"Kōbō Abe, one of my favorite writers, wrote a novella called [Rope] which I read in high school.  This book talks about the first inventions of the human race; the 'stick' and the 'rope'."

"The stick helped man to keep distance from threats.  The stick helped ape evolve into man.  On the other hand, the rope helps us capture and bind important things to us.  Most online games will have you fight with a 'stick', this might also be said about social networks."

"Stick and Rope are two very important keywords.  You will be using the 'stick' in our new game but that is not all; how will be able to use the rope to connect people worldwide?  Will you be able to use both tools?  The game will have you playing with tools and think about these points."

"With technology advancing as far as it has; dividing games into genres like 'Action' or 'RPG' doesn't sound too forward thinking but, DEATH STRANDING should be a new 'genre'."

Death Stranding is currently in development for the PlayStation 4; no information is available on a release date at this time.

Stay tuned to TechRaptor for continuing coverage of Death Stranding and Sony E3 2016; you can find more of TechRaptor’s E3 coverage in our E3 2016 coverage hub.

What are your thoughts on the tweets from Kojima Productions?  Do you have any speculations on the teaser trailer?  Let us know in the comment section below!

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