DrDisrespect Game Studio 'Midnight Society' Announced

Published: December 14, 2021 4:05 PM /


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Update (12/14/21, 5:12 PM Eastern Time ) - We've learned a few more interesting details about the DrDisrespect game studio Midnight Society.

Midnight Society's first project will be "a new PVP multiplayer game [built] from the ground up in Unreal Engine 5" according to a tweet from the studio's official account. Additionally, it looks like it already has several other employees who have been hired but are currently finishing out their work at other companies.

"We've got an incredible team in the wings, several key hires still not announced (as they wrap up their current roles) and we're just getting started," Midnight Society Studio Head and Co-Founder Robert Bowling said on Twitter. "Let's do this together!"

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The DrDisrespect game studio "Midnight Society" has been announced by the former Twitch streamer and current YouTuber, comprised of several ex-Halo and Call of Duty developers aiming to make AAA games.

Content creators get involved in gaming in all sorts of interesting ways. Some create crazy mods and others go as far as to get directly involved with game development such as when LilyPichu served as a voice actress for a Genshin Impact character. Others are simply content to stream content and break records.

One of the more interesting personalities on the scene is DrDisrespect, a former Twitch streamer who eventually migrated to YouTube where he's enjoying a fair amount of success (and a fair amount of controversy, too). Few people may know that he, too, was once directly involved in game development -- and now that journey continues with his announcement of the DrDisrespect game studio Midnight Society.

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What We Know About the DrDisrespect Game Studio 'Midnight Society'

The DrDisrespect game studio Midnight Society was announced earlier today in a tweet by the YouTuber and former Twitch streamer.

"Introducing my new AAA Game Studio, Midnight Society," read the tweet from DrDisrespect. "Give us a follow @12am[.] It’s time."

Not much is known about Midnight Society just yet, but DrDisrespect has a fair amount of history in the game development space. He was brought on as a Community Manager at Sledgehammer Games back in early 2011 before being promoted to Multiplayer Level Designer the following year; he subsequently built several multiplayer maps for Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare. He then transitioned to content creation in 2015 and has been entertaining people online ever since.

DrDisrespect is listed as a co-founder of Midnight Studio alongside Robert Bowling, a man who was a Creative Consultant at EA and the Game Director at Strange Reptile. The other co-founders are 343 Industries veteran Quinn DelHoyo serving as Lead Game Systems Designer and Boom.tv founder Sumit Gupta as CEO. Midnight Society also listed Ryan Thompson as Gameplay Engineer, Eric Hallquist as Concept Artist, and HB Duran as Marketing and PR.

The one key thing we don't yet know is what this new studio's first project will be. Considering DrDisrespect's affinity for shooters -- especially Battle Royales -- I wouldn't be surprised to see its first game land somewhere in this space. You can learn more about Midnight Society (or apply for one of its many open positions) on its official website and you can follow this new game developer on Twitter.

What do you think of DrDisrespect forming a game development studio? What's your favorite shooter released in the last few years? Let us know in the comments below!


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