Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 Mod Created by Twitch Streamer

Published: August 30, 2021 3:10 PM /


Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod cover

Twitch streamer Illogicoma has created something pretty cool: a Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod that let him play on some of the iconic aerial tracks from Nintendo's kart racing game.

"So anyway I thought mario kart 8 tracks would also be fun when you play them in flight simulator so I put mario kart 8 tracks in flight simulator and played them and it was true," Twitch streamer and music producer Illogicoma said in a tweet (via ResetEra).

The tweet gained a fair amount of popularity, so Illogicoma took the time to link to a VOD of the stream; you can see this Microsoft Flight Simulator mod in action for yourself starting at 3:27:04.

How the Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 Mod Was Made

The Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod isn't perfect, but it wasn't too difficult for Illogicoma to create it, either. This mod is unfortunately not available for public release, but you might be able to replicate the steps he took and recreate it yourself.

Illogicoma explains in a tweet that his efforts began by downloading models of the Mario Kart 8 tracks. From there, he used a Blender addon called Blender2MSFS that allows you to create 3D assets for Microsoft Flight Simulator. After that, it was simply a matter of putting the track files in the game and flying around.

Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod slice

This Isn't the Only Mario Kart Mod for Microsoft Flight Simulator

While you can't download Illogicoma's Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod, there is another mod that you can download to bring our favorite Italian plumber into the game, albeit in a somewhat different way.

The FlightSimSquad has created custom Mario plane models that emulate the glider version of Mario's kart. This particular mod features a Luigi color variant, Yoshi, and a bunch of other additional content such as a speeder bike from Star Wars; you can learn more about the mod on FlightSimSquad's page.

If you'd prefer not to mod the game at all, worry not — you'll be able to race in the vanilla game when the Reno Air Races expansion pack debuts in Fall 2021. You can also look forward to the (slightly delayed) launch of Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update 6 early next month.

What do you think of this Microsoft Flight Simulator Mario Kart 8 mod? What's your favorite mod in a game of all time? Let us know in the comments below!


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