Dinosaur Ranching Sim Paleo Pines Announced

Published: November 18, 2019 11:30 AM /


The key art for dinosaur ranching sim Paleo Pines

PC Building Simulator and Under A Porcelain Sun publisher Irregular Corporation has announced its latest project. Paleo Pines is a dinosaur ranching sim created in conjunction with UK-based studios Italic Pig and government-backed initiative Northern Ireland Screen. Production on the game has just begun, so we don't yet have a release date.

The studios describe Paleo Pines as a casual social-style management game in which you can become a dinosaur rancher. Originally conceived at the Global Game Jam by concept artist Jordan Bradley, Paleo Pines has since gotten the support to become a full project. The game will feature a "wholesome, friendly environment" with dozens of dinosaur species to rear and care for. You'll take neglected meadows and fields and transform them into rich, diverse dinosaur pastures full of lizard friends to talk to and interact with.

In gameplay terms, Paleo Pines will take inspiration from the nurturing, slow-paced gameplay of titles like Animal Crossing and Harvest Moon. The three studios are planning to inject the game with what they call the "insanely popular collect-them-all compulsion" of Pokémon (although perhaps that's not the draw of the franchise anymore). You'll be able to explore vast worlds, tame and care for new species of dinosaur, and befriend townsfolk. All of the game's dino friends can be petted and ridden, and you'll need to ride some of them out into the wild in order to discover new dinosaurs.

Concept artist Jordan Bradley said the inspiration for Paleo Pines came from watching dinosaur movies. Bradley says dinosaurs are always portrayed as monsters in these movies. She set out to create a game in which you can just "pet one on the nose" instead of fighting them. Irregular Corporation, Italic Pig, and Northern Ireland Screen say that more dinosaurs will be announced at a later date. Until then, if you want more updates on this project, you can check out the official Discord channel. We'll bring you more on Paleo Pines, including a release date and what platforms it'll be on, in the future.

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