Days Gone Update Pulled Due to Reports of PS4 Crashes

Published: April 30, 2019 7:57 PM /


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A recent Days Gone update released for the biker-loving open-world zombie apocalypse game has been pulled back. According to players, Days Gone Update 1.06 is causing hard crashes that didn't exist in the game before.

Days Gone update a greater threat than zombies?

Days Gone tells the tale of Deacon St. John, a former biker gang member, and post-apocalyptic survivor. He wanders the wasteland of rural Oregon, performing odd jobs for people while looking for his missing, presumably dead wife. All the while, he has to deal with the zombies that caused said apocalypse. The game calls them Freakers, but we know they're zombies, no matter how many times people call them something else. So far, reviews for the game are mixed (our review is coming soon, but you can read OpenCritic's one here) mirroring more reviews of 2015's Mad Max.

Many of the games reviews cite bugs and glitches that occur for the reviewers. Developers SIE Bend Studios are hard at work fixing these with patches. Unfortunately, a new patch had to be pulled when it introduced a problem that couldn't be handled with guns: hard crashes.

According to USGamer, players have been reporting that their PS4s have been crashing very quickly when they try to play Days Gone Patch 1.06. This doesn't seem to be a universal issue, as many players are reporting no problems with the patch. Fortunately, SIE Bend Games is fully aware of the issue. In a post by their official Reddit account, they announced that they know about the issue and are working on a fix. The patch notes now mention the hard crash as a known issue. In addition, if you haven't downloaded Days Gone patch 1.06 yet, you'll only be able to get 1.05.

Meanwhile, the game is continuing to get content. This June, the game will get a free Survival difficulty setting. More updates and features will be added over the summer.


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