Dark Souls: Nightfall Announced as Fan-Made Sequel

10/14/2020 - 15:55 | By: Robert N. Adams
'Direct Sequel' to Dark Souls with Expanded Lore and More

Dark Souls: Nightfall has been announced as a fan-made direct sequel to the first game in the franchise. A team of experienced and practiced modders is working together to create a very new experience for longtime fans of the franchise.

If you haven't played Dark Souls (or any of the other games in the franchise), you've missed out on a challenging game set in a dark, haunting universe. The game has achieved legendary status in the gaming world for how difficult it can be, and that same popularity has also led to the growth of a robust modding community.

Thus far, modders have created some pretty impressive projects. Less than a year ago, new modding tools allowed custom levels to be imported into the PC version of Dark Souls for the first time ever, opening the door to the creation of truly unique worlds. Now, a mod team headed up by Grimrukh is aiming to make an ambitious new project that's sure to tantalize fans of the franchise.

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What is Dark Souls: Nightfall?

Dark Souls: Nightfall is set to be a "direct sequel" to the first game. Naturally, there are lore concerns — after all, the world of Dark Souls has some captivating stories and the mod team is cautious about stepping on anyone's toes. That's exactly why they'll be avoiding adding anything new that would conflict with the base game.

Grimrukh will rearrange the areas of Lordran and build out new areas based on existing map pieces, ultimately making a project that's more ambitious than Dark Souls: Daughters of Ash. However, there's more to this project than some new lore and new levels.

For example, a modder going by AinTunez has spent the better part of the year working on a faster-paced combat system. This new style of combat will also feature new enemies with "heavily modified" animations. Players will also get to meet brand-new NPCs with full voice acting.

We'll likely have to wait some time before we can play Dark Souls: Nightfall. For now, Grimrukh is sharing teasers of this upcoming massive mod on his Twitter. You can also stay apprised of the project's progress on its website.

Are you looking forward to Dark Souls: Nightfall? What's your favorite Dark Souls mod thus far? Let us know in the comments below!

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