Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Servers Not Coming Back

Published: October 25, 2022 9:57 AM /


Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Servers screenshot showing a character aiming a bow.

Back in January, Dark Souls PC servers went offline across the series. This was due to a discovered RCE exploit (Remote Code Execution) which, through the games' online servers, gave hackers access to players' machines and let them effectively take over or brick those machines. While the Dark Souls 3 servers returned in August, the Dark Souls 1 and 2 servers have remained offline since January.

Now, From Software has confirmed that the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition servers won't be returning. Apparently, this decision has been made due to the age of the systems that powered the Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition servers. If you haven't picked up Remastered yet, it looks like you're out of luck.

Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition Servers screenshot showing a player running for their life from three giants.
Sorry, you're on your own now.

That doesn't mean you won't eventually be able to play Dark Souls online at all, but it does mean you won't be able to do so on the official Dark Souls: Prepare to Die Edition servers. The Dark Souls: Remastered servers will be returning at a later date, which should hopefully be sometime this year. After all, they won't let the servers remain offline for a full year, right? We can but hope.

As for the Dark Souls 2: Scholar of the First Sin servers, they're now back online. The base Dark Souls 2 game's servers are still offline, though. We don't have a timeline for when the servers for the original Dark Souls 2 will be brought back, so we'll have to wait and see on that front.

It's also worth mentioning that the Dark Souls series on console is unaffected by this issue, as is Elden Ring. If you're playing Dark Souls on PS4 or Xbox One (or Nintendo Switch, for that matter) then you should be able to access online services without issue.

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