Create a Deadumentary in The Graveyard Union

Published: October 26, 2022 12:13 PM /


Screenshot from the Graveyard Union game, where we see a news article about how the dead have now unionized, and are standing up for themselves.

Have you ever thought that maybe monsters and creatures of the night are fed up with the treatment they get? All of the pitchforks, garlic, stakes, and salted door frames have to be a nuisance to them. Well, in The Graveyard Union, you can discover what secrets monsters hide in the depths of their mind while uncovering a mysterious disappearance. 

In The Graveyard Union, you will take on the life of a documentary director, where monsters are front and center as the main cast. As you discover what a vampire experienced in their past life, you realize that you have found yourself tangled in a web of mystery and that a local disappearance may go deeper than you could have ever imagined. 

The Graveyard Union isn't a traditional FMV-style adventure like the ones Wales Interactive makes, but it most certainly has the spirit of one. For me, one of the coolest aspects of this upcoming game is that every frame was painstakingly hand-drawn and put together by the developers, bringing each of the monsters from the grave to life (so to speak, of course). The music in this game is nothing to scream at either -- or, well, it is. For extra screams and delights, the music is an original soundtrack composed by Accurst. 

Screenshot of Larry from The Graveyard Union, who they say is full of tattoos that you  just cant see, and is the accountant for the union.

While filming your very own documentary on the day in the life of a zombie may seem like a mundane task, according to the developers The Graveyard Union will be very lighthearted and teeming with humor to keep you giggling along the way. Of course, the real task at hand here is to figure out what happened to the Graveyard Union's manager, as they have suddenly gone missing without a trace. 

As of right now, there is no set release date for The Graveyard Union, though the developers say they would like to have it finished within the next 24 months. Of course, funding is necessary to do that, so they have set up crowdfunding on Indiegogo in order to hopefully raise enough to finish sooner. You can check out their campaign here if you would like to contribute. 


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