Wales Interactive Announces Mia And The Dragon Princess

Interactive FMV developer Wales Interactive has announced Mia and the Dragon Princess, a kickboxing action-adventure movie game with choreography by Wonder Woman fight designer Marcus Shakesheff

Published: July 13, 2022 11:47 AM /


A fight in Wales Interactive's Mia and the Dragon Princess

Interactive FMV game studio Wales Interactive has announced its latest project. Mia and the Dragon Princess is an "offbeat action-adventure" inspired by martial arts movies and coming to PC and consoles, as well as mobile devices, later this year.

What do we know about Wales Interactive's new game?

You might recognize Wales Interactive's name from games like The Complex or the horror-inflected Maid of Sker. Now, the Welsh developer is turning its attention to the world of martial arts movies with Mia and the Dragon Princess, the "first of three interactive movie announcements", according to a press release. The studio's newest game follows Mia, a bartender who crosses paths with a woman who is unable to speak English and is on the run from violent thugs. Mia decides to protect her new charge, taking her down a path of mystery, intrigue, and danger.

A chaotic fight scene in Wales Interactive's Mia and the Dragon Princess
Wales Interactive's new thriller Mia and the Dragon Princess will have all the FMV adventure goodness you've come to expect from the studio.

What can we expect from Mia and the Dragon Princess' gameplay?

This being a Wales Interactive game, it won't really have "gameplay" per se, but it will offer a series of branching choices that will affect the ending of the story. Wales Interactive is promising "10 different outcomes", so you should have plenty to keep you busy if you're an FMV game fan. As well as this, the game has a pretty impressive pedigree in terms of its creative talent. The action designer is Wonder Woman and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows coordinator Marcus Shakesheff, and the fight stunts are being curated by YouTuber and Taekwondo instructor Ginger Ninja Trickster, also known as Aaron Gassor. Stars include Doctor Who's Paul McGann, as well as The Witcher's MyAnna Buring and many more. All in all, it looks like that'll be one to watch if you're a fan of Wales Interactive's particular brand of FMV goodness.

Characters looking fearful in Mia and the Dragon Princess, a new Wales Interactive game
Mia and the Dragon Princess' story will have more than 10 outcomes, according to Wales Interactive.

Mia and the Dragon Princess is headed to pretty much every platform imaginable in Q4 this year. Hopefully, Mia and the Dragon Princess won't repeat the saga of Wales Interactive's Gamer Girl, which was announced in 2020 to such a negative reception that the developer appears to have erased the game from existence. Mia and the Dragon Princess looks like it's taking on much less controversial subject matter, though, so here's hoping it manages to see the light of day.

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