Indivisible Update Releases Co-op Update, New Game Plus

Published: April 15, 2020 10:47 AM /


Indivisible screenshot.

Earlier today Lab Zero Games announced an update for their title, Indivisible, which receives a 4-player couch co-op and a New Game Plus mode. 

The four-player couch co-op will allow players to drop in and out at any time. Players will control the Incarnation of their choice while exploring the world with Ajna, both in platforming and while battling. The Incarnations have fully implemented platforming abilities, which include jump-cancels, dashes, healing, and EX moves by spending Iddhi.

Players will also be able to control multiple characters at once, with Player 2 controlling 3 characters in a 2-player game, for instance. If there aren't enough controllers, players can add a keyboard in as a separate player by using the launch option of -player1keyboardonly, which will assign the keyboard as Player 1 and allowing any controllers to be Players 2-4.

If you don't have any friends for couch-cop you can try Steam's Remote Play Together or Parsec, which was used to film promotional footage for Indivisible, which is pretty cool.

Player 1 still controls the menus, NPC interactions, and cutscenes, so if you don't want a friend to speed through all of that, then you should definitely be player one. There is also a co-op help menu in the pause menu that gives out some basic instructions, and co-op players gain more double jumps as Ajna gains new abilities, with co-op players earning new abilities too.

Once the game is beaten, players can now play New Game Plus (NG+) which will restart the game with all of the player's levels, upgrades, and Incarnations returned to Ajna after she discovers her powers. Players will also be able to unlock an additional color to Ajna that is specific to NG+, with enemies and bosses much harder the next time around along with additional challenges.

For those interested in checking Indivisible out, go here.

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