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Bethesda Bans Fallout 76's One Fan For Accumulating Too Much Ammo

February 20, 2019 1:35 PM

By: William Worrall


Bethesda has banned the one player of Fallout 76 to have put over 900 hours of play time into the game for having too much ammo on his account. Reddit user Glorf12 not only sunk more than 37 days worth of his life into Bethesda's less than successful Fallout MMO and posted about his experiences with farming locations for other players, but he has also been banned from the game, apparently for carrying too much ammo.

Glorf12 received an e-mail stating that he had been using in-game exploits to duplicate rare items, a glitch which has seen several players permanently banned over the past few weeks. According to his follow up post he was carrying nowhere near the stated 100,000 rare items when he was banned, and the only items which came close to this number on his accounts was ammo he had spent his time legitimately farming. He had hoped that the recent patch may have undone his banning, but at time of writing is still waiting to hear back from Bethesda and has submitted several support tickets to try and rectify the issue.




The ban comes despite the fact that his original post on farming locations had received praise from actual Bethesda employee's, as well as receiving a lot of attention from the somewhat limited Fallout 76 community. After the disappointment of his ban still being in effect after the latest patch Glorf12 said he would be moving onto another game:

Still banned, patch did nothing. Submitted another ticket, maybe I get an agent who reads the ticket this time. Good luck to anyone else still in the same boat. I think I'm gonna give Warframe a try.
While it is understandable for Bethesda to want to keep in game cheating to a minimum, this shotgun approach to banning can do nothing to help a game which has seen nothing but ridicule from fans since it was announced. Hopefully, over the coming days, the ban will be lifted, but it can have done little to engender good faith with a community which already has a less than stellar opinion of Bethesda and their recent work.

Do you think this ban was justified? Have you been playing Fallout 76 at all? Let us know what you think in the comments. 

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