Anime Fighting Game Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes Reveals New Playable Character Kuon

If you're eagerly waiting for the anime fighting game Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes, a newly playable character has been announced, the immortal Kuon. The game will also be featured at Arc World Tour Finals and EVO Japan 2024.

Published: December 10, 2023 5:35 AM /


Anime Fighting Game Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes - Kuon Art

Developer French Bread and publisher Arc System Works revealed a new playable character that will be included in the upcoming anime fighting game Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes.

The character is Kuon, and while it's the first time he's playable in the series, fans will likely be familiar with him. He's a former member of Night Blade and one of the main antagonists of the franchise. 

He's now a being cursed with eternal life, having been around for about 500 years.

Anime Fighting Game Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes - Kuon Special Move

Gameplay-wise, he uses his long reach to keep the opponent in check, showering them with projectiles. He also has interesting movement powers and the ability to levitate.

He's voiced by Yuuma Uchida, whom you may know as G'raha Tia in Final Fantasy XIV, Kaveh in Genshin Impact, Rock Howard in The King of Fighters, and Tim Goodman in Detective Pikachu.

You can watch him in action in the trailer below. 

We also learn that Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes will be featured in a side tournament at the Arc World Tour Finals between March 21 and March 23, 2024. It'll then be a main game at EVO Japan 2024 between April 27 and April 29, 2024. 

Under Night In-Birth II Sys:Celes will be released on January 25, 2024, for PS5, PS4, Nintendo Switch, and PC via Steam. 

If you'd like to see more of the game, you can take a look at the initial announcement made during EVO 2023 and enjoy another gameplay trailer revealing the new character Kaguya.

The Under Night In-Birth series first appeared in Japanese arcades in 2012. Its developer French Bread started as a  doujin circle, which developed the Melty Blood series, the Dengeki Bunko Fighting Climax series, and even smaller fan titles like Drill Milky Punch, featuring characters from the Muv-Luv series.

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