We Spoke to the Total War: Three Kingdom Devs About Dueling, The Setting, and More

Published: Wednesday, June 20, 2018 - 12:00 | By: Andrew Otton
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Total War: Three Kingdoms is the next in the long-running and critically acclaimed Total War series, and while at E3 I had the chance to speak with a couple of the developers about the game. Three Kingdoms is currently set for release in Spring of next year.



The biggest new mechanic in Three Kingdoms is dueling between generals. Not all generals will be able to duel one another, which makes sense as some were strategists not warriors, but those that can definitely will. The interview goes into how that works, why you may want to do it, what the pitfalls may be, and more.

The characters are more important in Three Kingdoms than they have ever been in any other Total War, which we go into in some depth in the interview and is a large reason for the dueling mechanic. The period the game is set in is full of larger than life characters with strong personalities, so it only made sense to them to put them front and center. The banter back and forth, not unlike the Dynasty Warriors series, happens throughout the battle and helps you learn who everyone is.

You will even be able to recruit characters, working on your relationships the whole time. There may be a time where you see yourself fighting a personal ally, but the developers hinted you may be able to put on a show of fighting one another to keep u appearances and not actually hurt one another. 

We also got to talking about why they landed on the Three Kingdoms Period of China and how it was the perfect set up for a Total War game. We also spoke on whether this took from the more historical texts of the Three Kingdoms or the more historical fiction side from the extremely popular Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

For a ton more information, check out the above interview and check back here as we get closer to Total War: Three Kingdoms’ release in Spring of next year.

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