Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed Expansion Announced

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Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed Expansion Announced

March 5, 2020

By: Mostafa Hossam

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March 7, 2019 (Calendar)
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Total War: Three Kingdoms is set for a new Chapter Pack. Developer Creative Assembly officially revealed A World Betrayed, alongside a thrilling trailer for the 194 CE setting. The chapter is the third Chapter Pack entry for Total War: Three Kingdoms, following the releases of Eight Princes and Mandate of Heaven. 

A World Betrayed covers the iconic conflict between Cao Cao and Lü Bu, starting from 194 CE onwards. The expansion introduces a whole new faction, Yan Baihu, alongside Lü Bu and Sun Ce themselves as playable warlords. This time period was highly requested by the game's community, and the developer's aim was to touch upon a Chinese era famously known for its immense conflict and new warlords taking over from their mentors to prove themselves. The following is a summarized list of the additional content coming to the title, including story events, units, mechanics, and more.

  • Two new factions led by fan favourites Lü Bu and Sun Ce
  • 13 playable factions
  • New unique battlefield units
  • New faction mechanics
  • New events and story missions
  • New legendary characters
  • New story events
  • A brand-new 194 CE start date

Some of the expansion's content will be available for free, with warlord Yan Baihu, also known as White Tiger Yan, alongside a selected number of the unique units and buildings from the same era.

Total War: Three Kingdoms - A World Betrayed sees the light on March 19th, priced at $8.99. Those who purchase the pack before its release date will receive a 10% discount, so make use of that if you intend to eventually buy it anyway. 


Let us know which chapter pack is your favorite so far, and what era of conflict would you like for Creative Assembly to consider for their upcoming expansion. And tell us what you think of the trailer above!

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