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Leo is the primary new NPC introduced in the latest patch for Stardew Valley. Stranded on Ginger Island for a long time, he has come to think of the local parrots as his friends and family. Befriending him can take some work, but you, too, can bring Leo around. Read on for our Stardew Valley Leo Gift Guide!

Please be aware of spoilers below, as this content has not come to consoles yet. Stardew Valley's console players can probably expect the 1.5 patch containing Leo to come some time early 2021.

Stardew Valley Leo Gift Guide

Friendship in Stardew Valley works on a point system. Every 250 points will earn a "heart" of friendship with the villager. There are five tiers when it comes to gifts: Loves, Likes, Neutrals, Dislikes, and Hates. Every villager has their own tastes and favorites. You can give a villager one gift per day, and up to two per week. This limit resets on Sundays, so be sure to give a gift on Fridays and Saturdays if you haven't already.

Stardew Valley high friendship George
Even curmudgeonly folk like George turn out to be pretty decent once you befriend them.

Loved gifts grant 80 points, Liked gifts give 40, Neutral gifts add 20, Disliked gifts subtract 20, and Hated gifts take off 40 points of friendship. There are Universal Loves, Likes, Neutrals, Dislikes, and Hates as well, with some exceptions. Silver, Gold, and Iridium-quality gifts also make their recipients even happier.

The quickest way to gain Friendship with a villager is to give them birthday gifts, which have an effect eight times greater than on a normal day. Thus, a quick way to earn a lot of points is to give someone an Iridium-quality gift they love on their birthday if possible. That's a whopping 960 points, enough for nearly four hearts! That said, a Loved gift of normal quality (640) will still give more points than an Iridium-quality Liked gift (540).

Leo's birthday is Summer 26, and he is not available for romance or marriage. As a normal villager, this means his affection will cap out at 10 hearts. It may be a bit early to have the items necessary to reach Ginger Island your first or even second year. Thus, unless you're incredibly lucky, that should give you plenty of time to seek out and stockpile good gifts for Leo.

Leo follows all of the Universal Loves, so good gifts for him include:

  • Golden Pumpkin (Spirit's Eve)
  • Pearls (Fishing)
  • Rabbit's Foot (Rabbits)
  • Prismatic Shards (Monsters, Mining)
  • or Magic Rock Candy (Desert Trader, Monster Drop)

In addition, Leo personally loves:

  • Duck Feathers (Ducks)
  • Mangos (new Mango Trees)
  • Ostrich Eggs (new animal)
  • Poi (new dish)

Perhaps the easiest items to get would be Duck Feathers and Rabbit's Feet, both of which can be acquired through animals housed in a Coop. Do your best to raise the animals, since they don't produce an item every day. Happier, well-tended ducks drop Duck Feathers instead of their eggs, and happy rabbits will rarely drop a Rabbit's Foot (no harm done) instead of Wool. These can also have a quality level, unlike many of the other Loves.

Unless gifting them to Elliot, you should have a good stock of Duck Feathers once your ducks start churning them out. ConcernedApe reduced the prices of ducks as of the latest patch, so feel free to go absolutely ducking wild. Buy them from Marnie at her ranch, unless she's decided to stare at her microwave for a few hours. Once you've unlocked them, you can probably shift over to Ostrich Eggs and Mangos, instead.

Stardew Valley Friendship
Check your rough friendship levels, relationship status, weekly gifts given, and whether you've spoken to someone that day in the Social menu.

Where is Leo in Stardew Valley?

Leo's primary residence depends on your friendship level with him. At fewer than six hearts of friendship, he will stay on Ginger Island. After viewing his six-heart event, he will move into a treehouse on the mainland. First, however, you'll need to get to Ginger Island to meet him.

On rainy days, Leo will stay near his hut on the east side of Ginger Island. Most days, however, he'll wake up at 9 a.m., then hang out at the docks on the south side. After that, he'll head towards the Volcano in the early afternoon. This schedule can deviate a bit on some days, but he'll always be on Ginger Island until you reach six hearts of friendship with Leo.

After seeing the appropriate event, Leo will move to Pelican Town. He'll live in the large tree in the Mountain region just to the west of Linus and his tent. Linus and Leo will naturally get along well thanks to their shared interest in nature. Leo will also befriend Jas and Vincent, the two children in town. Occasionally (mostly on Sundays), Leo will travel to Ginger Island, but most of the time you can find him near the Mountain or with his friends.

As the largest content patch yet, Stardew Valley still has many secrets to discover. Since you're probably in or near Year 3 at this point, you can afford to be a little more leisurely and explore. We at TechRaptor will continue to hunt for all of the new and interesting content in Stardew Valley, so be sure to check back in the future for updates!

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