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Last Update: January 8, 2022


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Stardew Valley's newest location, Ginger Island, is full of hidden secrets. The island — which was added to the game with the Version 1.5 update — contains a number of secret puzzles to solve. These puzzles reward players with Golden Walnuts, which can be traded to the parrots living on the island in exchange for unlocking new features, including a second farmhouse, a store, and even a resort.

One of the most well-hidden secrets is the accurately named Hidden Shrine. This is located in the rain forest on Ginger Island. Once you've made your way to Ginger Island, you will have to first locate the shrine and then solve its riddle. However, solving this puzzle is definitely worth it, as you will be rewarded with 5 Golden Walnuts for your troubles.

Here's how to find and solve the Hidden Shrine puzzle on Ginger Island:

Ginger Island Shrine Location
Keep heading to the right to find the shrine

How to Find the Ginger Island Hidden Shrine

When you arrive on Ginger Island, you will find yourself on a beach. From this beach, take the east path which leads into the rain forest. To the north of the rain forest is a hut where the character Leo lives with his parrot friend. Each day that you visit Leo and his friend, the parrot will give you a hint about one of the island's secrets. One of the parrot's hints states: "Hidden shrine in the rain forest." This is the only indication at all that the Hidden Shrine exists.

The path to the Hidden Shrine is located just below and to the east of Leo's hut. You can find it by following a barely visible weathered stone path leading off into the rain forest. There is no obvious gap or entrance, but your player can walk through the "wall" of trees and enter the area where the Hidden Shrine is located.

Ginger Island Shrine
The shrine features four pedestals

How to Solve the Ginger Island Hidden Shrine Riddle

The Hidden Shrine consists of four pedestals with a bird-like statue located at the top of the screen. Go up to the statue and examine it to read the following riddle:

"When dark clouds cry, begin your quest. To seek the fabled gem-birds four. Each day one north, south, east, and west. Arrange their gifts upon my door."

Ginger Island Shrine Riddle

"When dark clouds cry" refer to days when it is raining on Ginger Island. Keep in mind that Ginger Island and Stardew Valley do not follow the same weather schedule, so rain in the Valley does not necessarily mean it will be raining on Ginger Island and vice versa. To check the Ginger Island weather, watch the Weather Report on the TV in your farmhouse. Ginger Island's weather will be displayed after Stardew Valley's weather.

Ginger Island Gem Bird
This Gem Bird will drop a Ruby

How to Find the Gem Birds on Ginger Island

Each rainy day, a Gem-Bird will appear on the island. If you walk towards a Gem Bird, it will drop a gem and fly away. Which Gem Birds appear will be different depending on your game. Gem Birds come in five colors: red, green, yellow, blue, and purple. In turn, they will drop one of five gemstones - Ruby, Emerald, Topaz, Aquamarine, and Amethyst - depending on their color.

The four Gem-Birds can be found in the following areas:

  • The North of Ginger Island, the Volcano Area, where Professor Snail's tent and the Volcano Dungeon are located. The Volcano pedestal has a mountain on it
Ginger Island North
The North Area
  • The East of Ginger Island, the Rain Forest Area, where Leo's hut and the Hidden Shrine itself are located. The Rain Forest pedestal has a palm tree on it.
Ginger Island East
The East Area
  • The South of Ginger Island, the Beach Area, where you disembark from the boat upon arriving on the Island. The Beach pedestal has waves on it.
Ginger Island South
The South Area
  • The West of Ginger Island, the Farm Area, where the farmhouse, crop field, and grove of Coconut and Mahogany trees are located. The Farm pedestal has a heart on it.
Ginger Island West
The West Area

Check all four areas each rainy day. Which bird appears is totally random. It is possible that a Gem Bird may appear in an area where you have already encountered one, so it may take more than four rainy days to complete this puzzle.

Place each gemstone on the matching pedestal in the Hidden Shrine. Once all four pedestals have a gem, you will receive 5 Golden Walnuts.

The Hidden Shrine puzzle can only be completed once. However, Gem Birds will continue to appear on rainy days, and you can collect their gems as many times as you like. This is an excellent way to make money or to collect gems which can be used to enchant your tools and weapons in the Dwarven Forge inside the Volcano.

Check out TechRaptor's other guides to learn even more about all the exciting things you can do on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley version 1.5 and keep an eye on the site for more in the future.

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