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The motionless Krang body in Scorn

Scorn is filled with eerie corridors and grotesque monsters. For the most part, these monsters require you to stun or avoid these creatures. There is one instance near the end of Scorn when you will be presented with a full boss fight. A proper fight isn't what you'll be used to at this time so we have you covered. In this Scorn Krang Boss Guide, we'll cover where the fight takes place, what you'll need, and how to defeat this monstrosity.

An image of the Krang pod

When does the Scorn Krang Fight take place?

During the story of Scorn you'll make your way to a derelict temple. Once inside you'll be led down a staircase, pick up a vial of blood, and then be able to head down a corridor. After getting a half-full vial of blood you'll find yourself in a room with a mech with an open chest cavity. To the opposite side of the room is two cavity-sized pods with malformed growths in them. Putting the first pod in the cavity will cause the body to twitch but not activate, break open the pod with the body inside by hitting it twice. Release the body, crush it for blood in the previous room, and backtrack to where you first got the vial of blood. Come back to this room for the second pod. Once you place the second pod in the new mech instead of glitching out it will stand up and prepare for battle.

While you will have other weapons at your disposal as well as an ammo and health refill in this room it's recommended to just use your ejecting rod gun in this fight so that you don't waste ammo.

Scorn Krang Boss Fight - 1st Robot

Phase 1

When the robot first awakens run away, always try to run in a zigzag as it will fire grenades at you. Bait the robot into the center of the arena and run around it at a distance, run behind the hanging limbs to give yourself a bit of a break from the action. Goed Krang into firing all of his shots at you, when he is out of ammo he will lean down and two purple sacks will protrude from the sides of his pack. Hit one of the sacks and Krang will stand up again and be ready to fight.

An image showing the weakness of the first Krang Phase

Each sack takes two hits to pop so repeat the above process until the machine collapses. After he has stopped moving completely, approach and interact with his grenade launcher. He will pick you up and throw you down but Phase 2 of the fight will have begun.

Phase 2

In Phase 2 Krang will use his left arm to hold the doors of his chest pod closed. To get access to take a shot let Krang get close to you. Once he pulls back with his left hand to strike at you his chest pod will be exposed. Shoot at the pod to deal damage and while he's reeling run away. There is a cooldown between when he will strike you in this way so back off and avoid his attacks for a minute or so and then let him get close again. Once you've hit him in this way twice you'll have completed Phase 2.

Claim your reward of a brand new, slightly used, Grenade Launcher and the freshly dead body of the creature that was in the pod. Return to the room with the crusher and crush the creature's body to get another half-filled tube.

Scorn Krang Boss Fight - Between The Fight

There's a chance when you return to this room there will be something blocking the way of your Grenade Launcher shot. This is a bug that should have been resolved by release but if you do experience this bug then you'll need to reload your game from your last checkpoint.

Return to the fight room once more, on the way the Grenade Launcher will become stuck to your arm. Stand on the switch to the right of the locked gate to open a window to rails. Shoot the rails with your grenades to open the gate to the left. Take the pod from this space and put it into the new robot to start the last portion of the fight.

Scorn Krang Boxx Fight - 2nd Robot

For this battle you only can use the Grenade Launcher, any time you need a refill of ammo approach the back of the robot from the previous fight and interact with it. Repeat the process you took for Phase 1 of the 1st Robot. This time when the Robot leans down to refill its Grenade Launcher ammo it will open it's back cavity. Fire a grenade into this gap to defeat the second robot quickly. Once it hits the ground and rolls around for a bit the body inside will roll out, collapse, and die.

The second robot you fight in Scorn has a weak point on its back when it opens

With this last body crushed you'll be done with this room and have no need to return.


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