Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle Guide

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An image of the solution to the sliding pod puzzle in Scorn

There are a number of interesting puzzles available to players in Scorn. Some puzzles are extremely environmental, forcing you to explore hallways and interact with devices while others are takes on traditional puzzles. Early on in Scorn, you'll be faced with a sliding pod puzzle where you need to get a specific pod to the end of a circuit while avoiding all other pods. In this Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle Guide, we'll show you how to get through this puzzle with limited issues.

How to locate the Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle?

From the start of the game, walk up the slope to the left and follow the path through two sets of doors until you end up in a large, circular chamber. Approached the large door to your right. To the right of that door is a passageway, follow it until you get to a room with a scooper. Look to the right of the scooper, and you'll find an elevator. Travel up the elevator and down the hallway to get to a large chamber where you'll find a set of controls in front of you, and a second set to the right. Approach the controls on the right to get started.

Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle - Decoy Pod

The goal of the sliding pod puzzle is to get the lit-up pod into the glowing space in the top left. However, there are two lit pods, the one to the right is the one we want, while the one on the left will crack when you try to extract it. Cracking the one on the left gives us more space to work with though so we still want to remove it.

Move the double pods that are one up and to the left of the first lit pod as far right as they will go. Then move the first lip pod up, all the way to the left, and then up again. Leave these controls and activate the controls in the center of the room to attempt to pull that pod, destroying it in the process.

Instructions showing the solution for the first part of the sliding pod puzzle in scorn.
Follow the red instructions first and then the blue instructions.

Scorn Sliding Pod Puzzle - Real Pod

Now that we've got the decoy pod out of the way, it's time to get the real pod. This is a bit trickier to do, not only because the real pot is further away, but because it itself is a double pod. For ease of instructions, we will be breaking down this process into a few steps.

  1. Shuffle as many single pods as you can into the lower right area. Move all in there until the only pods left between your target pod and the exit are the three double horizontal ones, and a single pod in the bottom left

    The position of the sliding Pods at step one of the scorn sliding pod puzzle guide.
  2. Move the target pod into the middle space with the single node that drops down

    The positions of the sliding pod in the scorn sliding pod puzzle. Step 2.
  3. Move the remaining double and sole single pod over and around the target pod

    The final position for the sliding pods in the scorn sliding pod puzzle, step 3.
  4. Move the Target Pod to the lit node

After getting the target pod to the lit node step away from the controls and activate the controls in the center of the room. This will break the pod away and lower it down so that you can access it to solve the rest of the puzzle.


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