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If you've been playing NEO: The World Ends With You, or the original game for Nintendo DS, then you're probably familiar with the daily and weekly format of the franchise. One big emphasis that the story of NEO: The World Ends With You is the rival teams, the marks they takedown, and the points they score from it. For the most part, each of these days are story beats and you have no way to influence it. The NEO: The World Ends With You Scramble Slam is a special event that takes place where you're tasked with heading to the different areas of Shibuya to take out Turf Noise and other players from different teams.

It's not just about beating all of your enemies though because you'll also be slowly accumulating points. At the end of the event based on how many points you earned you'll get a reward. These rewards might just be straight cash, and a lot of it, or they can also be useful pins to add to your collection. In this guide, we'll go over how to earn points and what you can do to maximize the points that you do earn.

NEO: The World Ends With You Scramble Slam

NEO: The World Ends With You Scramble Slam - What Earns You Points?

The point of these Scramble Slams is to complete the following objectives:

  • Erase all the Turf Noise in each area
  • Defeat the other teams to take their turf

Looking at your map you'll be able to spot what areas are controlled by teams, and which of the areas are controlled by Noise. There will be slightly different strategies for each area but all basically boil down to creating as large a chain of noise as possible, and once you're in battle continue to chain "Drop the Beat" combos.

Important information about Noise occupied areas:

  • As long as you include at least one Turf Noise in a chain you'll earn Scramble Slam points for every battle.
    This means that if you have an area with 6 normal noise, and 3 Turf Noise you'll want to prioritize having as many Noise follow you that's one before your maximum limit, and then attract a Turf Noise to you. Because your points will rely on the 3 Turf Noise you'll want to make sure that they're in separate battles to not waste any chances to chain additional points.
  • If you leave an area and re-enter the normal Noise will respawn.
    If we were to use the previous example of 6 normal Noise and 3 Turn Noise and presume you have a maximum chain of 5 that means you could create a chain of 4 normal Noise and 1 Turf Noise but then you'd be left with 2 normal Noise and 2 Turf Noise. Leaving and re-entering the area will mean that you still have 2 Turf Noise remaining, but you'll have enough normal Noise to create a max chain.
  • If you see a Bonus Noise appear in battle save it for last for extra points

NEO TWEWY Scramble Slam Chain

Important information about Player occupied areas: 

  • You can still create noise chains before entering a battle with another team.
    Make sure you're aware of your chain limit and attract one less Noise than you're able to. From there approach one of the enemy team members and talk with them to begin the battle.
    NOTE: Make sure the normal Noise has already connected with you before you move towards a player otherwise you could start the battle without beginning the chain.

Important general information

  • If you weren't able to chain the battle like you wanted to there's no penalty for running away from the battle. If you run away the Noise/Player will still be there so you can make sure your chain is set to the max before you initiate.
  • Lowering your player level does NOT affect how many Scramble Slam points you earn
  • Raising your difficulty DOES affect how many Scramble Slam points you earn

The final and MOST IMPORTANT piece of information that can be offered about the Scramble Slam is that you can always travel "back in time" to replay a Scramble Slam. This will allow you to return with upgraded characters and an upgraded Social Network. Earning upgrades like the Chain Extended which will increase your chain limit to 10 instead of 5, then instead of fighting 3 Turf Noise with 4 normal Noise each, you can fight 3 Turn Noise with 9 normal Noise each. With one simple upgrade you've now got access to 2x the amount of points, you could earn.

NEO TWEWY Scramble Slam Chain

NEO: The World Ends With You Scramble Slam - Point Multiplier

It's not just enough to beat up a large number of enemies to ensure you're able to earn as many points as possible. While in battle you also have a variety of tools in your arsenal to increase the Point Multiplier, this will ensure you're making more than enough points to clear the top objective. The two biggest things to keep an eye out for to increase your point multiplier are the following:

  • Raise the difficulty of your game.
    The more difficult the game the more points you'll be able to earn. You can spend Friend Points on the Social Network screen to unlock the Hard difficulty before you even get to the first Scramble Slam.
  • Complete as many "Drop the Beat" combos as possible.
    "Drop the Beat" activates when the gauge appears on your enemy prompting you to hit them with a different character. This will force you to move through a number of characters and their abilities to keep bumping up your multiplier. The best thing you can do for this is to set up your characters with pins that have quick recharge times, or that do smaller chip damage. You can use this longer use time, or shorter recharge time, to make sure you always have a second attack available to trigger the combo.

The Point Multiplier does cap out at x5 but as the multiplier will also keep trying to slowly decrease it's in your best interest to focus on keeping it constantly raised.


With all of the above information you should be able to go from gaining 1K Scramble Points per battle to 2.5K+. Not only will you be earning more points, but you'll also be able to maximize how many battles you have in the NEO: The World Ends With You Scramble Slam.

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