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A preview image for the Soar Trophy from Marvel's Spider-Man 2

One of the new ways to traverse Manhatten and the surrounding areas is the Web Wings. These let Pete and Miles soar high in the sky in Marvel's Spider-Man 2. One of the challenges is to use these Web Wings to cross the entire map and earn the Soar Trophy.

The description of the Soar Trophy is

Using only your Web Wings, glide from the Financial District to Astoria (Wind Tunnels are okay!)

Best upgrades for the Soar Trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2

While you have access to your Web Wings from the start of the game there are a number of upgrades that you'll be able to pick up across the way that will make this easier. Those upgrades are both found in the Traversal sub-menu in the Suit Tech screen.

  • Amazing Wings - Glide for longer with the Web Wings
  • Spectacular Wings - Increased Web Wings turn speed for improved handling

There is a third Web Wings upgrade but that one isn't as relevant to what we're trying to do here. 

Spider-Man using a wind tunnel in Marvel's Spider-Man 2 for the Soar Trophy
Wind Tunnels are your best friend!

What are the rules for the Soar Trophy in Marvel's Spider-Man 2?

While the Soar Trophy does specify that Wind Tunnels are okay it's still good to know what things you should be steering clear of.

To get the Soar Trophy you need to make sure not to:

  • Use webs of ANY kind, this includes 
    • pressing X to pull yourself faster
    • The use of Web Jump or Web Boost
    • Web Swinging (obviously)
  • Touch any walls or floors
  • To be extra cautious I also make sure to not use any kind of special jump or get a running leap off my starting building so that I was never holding now R2

The route that I used to obtain the Soar Trophy has you starting at the lowest point in the Financial District and heading East over the water on a Wind Tunnel. From there I made my way North. There are consistent Wind Tunnels all the way to Astoria so once you make it past Coney Island this Trophy should be a Breeze.

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