How To Unlock Culex Secret Boss In Super Mario RPG

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Mario first meeting Culex behind the locked door in Super Mario RPG

While exploring Super Mario RPG you might happen to notice a sealed door in Monstro Town. This door hides the secret Final Fantasy-style boss fight against Culex and his four Crystals. In this Unlock Culex Secret Boss guide we'll show you how to unlock this secret boss Fight.

This boss is a somewhat difficult fight so you'll want to wait till near the end of the game before you try to face him.

How to get the Shiny Stone in Super Mario RPG

  1. Travel to Moleville
  2. Enter the Northmost house and talk to the father in the back. Purchase the Fireworks for 500 coins
  3. Trade the fireworks with the girl behind the crates in the middle of town
  4. Use the Shiny Stone on the door in Monstro Town

The Culex fight will be against the 2D Culex and four crystals.

Mario and his party fighting Culex in Super Mario RPG

For defeating Culex you'll be rewarded with the Quartz Charm. This halves damage taken from enemy attacks and adds 50% more to the attacks of the wearer. This badge can be boosted further with the Geno Attack Boost ability making it the most powerful in the game.

There's a further boss fight you can have against Culex in a far more powerful state.

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