How To Unlock The Culex Rematch In Super Mario RPG

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Mario using the Extra Shiny Stone on the Culex door in Super Mario RPG

A new addition to Super Mario RPG is that alongside the 2D Culex fight, there's also a super secret 3D Culex rematch fight that you can get to in the postgame. After obtaining the Stay Ticket, you can start your quest to rematch Culex in his new 3D form.

How to access the Culex Rematch fight

  1. Use the Stay Ticket at Marrymore Town
  2. Sleep and you'll be pointed towards Star Hill
  3. Go to Star Hill's second area and Geno will comment that there are new wishes and that the Frog Sage might be able to help understand what's going on

After this a number of new challenges will unlock around the world based on the new purple wish stars that appear on Star Hill. If you aren't sure where to go next you can talk with the Frog Sage who will point you in the direction of another challenge to take on.

Geno looking out the window towards Culex' wish in Super Mario RPG

The challenges include:

  • "I want to see my master's moves" - Returning to the Dojo in Monstro Town to have a new fight against the former master
    • This battle will have you start at 0% for your Triple Attack. You just need to survive having your bar charge to complete this fight. Your opponent will have an instant kill attack, equip the item to Mario that makes those attacks ineffective

      Reward: Teamwork Band
  • "I have a scratchy throat" - Rematch against Belome
    • To reach this fight travel to Monstro Town and use the spring in the North-West to return to the sewer. Backtrack through the sewers for a few screens to reach Belome.

      Reward: Sage Stick for Mallow
  • "I hope THIS is my big break" - Rematch against Punchinello in the Move Caves
    • Make sure to increase your team's speed where possible. To win this fight you need to be able to deal ~200 damage to each Bob-omb to get them to turn around and face Punchinello.

      Reward: Wonder Chomp for Bowser
  • "I've got something special to show off" - Rematch against Booster at the top of his tower
    • The trick to this fight is to never let Booster work on his train. It should always be first priority to stop him as soon as he does otherwise he'll use an attack that deals 999 damage to every character. Having the Enduring Brooch from the cake rematch can help give you a bit of breathing room.

      Reward: Stella 023 for Geno
  • "I vish someone vould do somezing about zis cake" - Rematch against the cake in Marrymore Chapel
    • Use Sleep items on the chefs to stop them lighting the candles. You won't be able to damage the chefs so just focus on the cake itself.

      Reward: Enduring Brooch - Will prevent you from going down once per battle
  • "I'm itching for a heated duel!" - Rematch against Johnny in the Pirate Ship
    • Equip Quartz Charm to Mario as that will lessen the damage you take and allow you to deal more damage in this one on one battle.

      Reward: Extra-Shiny Stone

You'll know that you've completed all of the required challenges if you visit the Toad Sage and he lets you know he's wondering what ever happened to that 2D person you fought. When he does you'll know that the door to Culex has reappeared in Monstro Town.

The 3D Culex Rematch Boss Fight in Super Mario RPG

Travel to Monstro Town to fight 3D Culex.

Once you've defeated 3D Culex he will return to his original form and you'll know you've completed the hardest challenge in Super Mario RPG. Your reward is the Crystal Shard, a key item that serves no purpose other than proof you've overcome the most difficult challenge in the game.

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