How to Get Clean Water in Green Hell

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In this guide, we'll tell you how to get clean Water in Green Hell with various different methods -- and the best way to reliably get clean water.

Water is absolutely essential to survival in Green Hell -- it's one of the four Macroelements that keep you alive. Your first few days in the game will be spent just trying to survive, but you'll soon shift your focus toward convenience and comfort rather than scratching out a living day-to-day.

How to Get Clean Water in Green Hell

Here's how to get clean Water in Green Hell with several different methods.

Method 1 - Boiling Water in Containers

One of the earliest (and fastest) ways to get clean Water in Green Hell is by boiling it. Once you've established some basic shelter, your next priority will be securing access to clean Water.

Here's how to do it:

  1. Collect at least 2 Coconuts.
  2. Drink the Water in the Coconuts.
  3. Craft a Coconut Bidon with 1 Coconut and 1 Rope.
  4. Harvest the other Coconut, then Harvest the halves to make Coconut Bowls.
  5. Place the Coconut Bowls on a Small Fire or Campfire.
  6. Use the Coconut Bidon to get dirty Water from a pool or river.
  7. Start a fire.
  8. Drag the Coconut Bidon onto the Coconut Bowls to fill them up.
  9. Wait for the Water to boil.
  10. Drink the clean Water directly from the Coconut Bowls or fill up an empty Coconut Bidon by dragging it onto the Coconut Bowls.

You can get clean Water on Day 1 using this method. Unfortunately, it's a bit labor intensive and it requires fire (and wood to fuel it).

Method 2 - Collecting Rainwater

A passive method of collecting Rainwater is by simply leaving Coconut Bowls or Turtle Shells under the open sky. Eventually, it will rain and clean water will collect in these containers.

You can also find the Water Collector in the Drug Lab at 51W, 27S, after you've opened up the first stone gate. The Water Collector is not redundant -- it will slowly collect Water and dispense it to a container underneath it even if it's not raining.

Method 3 - Eating Certain Foods

Certain Foods will give you a small amount of Hydration when consuming them. Coconuts are one of the most obvious examples in the early game, although they don't give you very much Water.

Some other Foods such as the orange Unknown Fruit or the green Unknown Fruit will give you a small amount of Hydration. Both of these can be grown with Farming, although it will take some time before you can harvest the plants and make use of them.

Method 4 - Using a Water Filter

The final method for how to get clean water in Grene Hell is by using a Water Filter. There are several different types; the Mud Water Filter is the best option due to its larger capacity.

Regular Water Filters operate much like Water Collectors -- you'll need to place a container (such as a Coconut Bowl or Turtle Shell) underneath them to actually collect the Water. The Mud Water Filter, however, has its own built-in containers. You can leave it out in the open and safely collect drinkable Water -- read on for where to find the Blueprint.

Best Way to Get Clean Water in Green Hell
The Mud Water Filter is a serious game changer. Build one or two of these at your base and you'll never have to worry about clean Water again.

Best Way to Get Clean Water in Green Hell

The best way to get clean Water in Green Hell is with a Water Filter; the Mud Water Filter is the best option of the available Crafting recipes.

Unfortunately, you need to discover the Blueprint for the Water Filter before you can Build one. You can find the Water Filter Blueprint near the Fishing Dock at 51W, 19S.

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