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Our Green Hell Medicine and Healing Guide will tell you what causes diseases, how to prevent them, and how to heal them before it's too late.

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Food Poisoning | Parasites | Worm | Dirt

Green Hell Medicine and Healing Guide - Bandaging

Green Hell Medicine and Healing Guide - How to Cure Diseases

This list in our Green Hell Medicine and Healing Guide will tell you what causes diseases, how to prevent them, and how to cure them.


  • Sanity Loss Causes - Leeches, Worms, Parasites, Rash, Eating strange food (such as spiders), Sleeping on the ground, Using Maggots to heal an Infection
  • Sanity Restoration - Staying near a Fire, Sleeping on a bed, Eating certain Foods (such as Cooked Meat)

Sanity is a measure of your mental state. If it gets too low, you'll start to hallucinate.

Scratch / Abrasion

  • Scratch / Abrasion Causes - Fall damage, Getting attacked by an enemy
  • Scratch / Abrasion Cures - Leaf Bandage, Other Bandages (Ash Bandage, Lily Bandage) can speed up healing

Scratches and Abrasions are minor wounds. They can turn into an Infection if you don't wash yourself and bandage the Scratch / Abrasion. Wearing Armor can prevent Scratches and Abrasions you'd normally get in combat, but it won't protect you from fall damage.


  • Laceration Causes - Animal attack, tribesman attack
  • Laceration Cures - Ash Bandage, Leaf Bandage

Lacerations are nasty wounds that need immediate treatment, especially because they cause a steady loss of Health until they're bandaged. Wearing Armor can prevent Lacerations.

Wound Infection

  • Wound Infection Causes - Untreated Scratch / Abrasion, Laceration, Worms
  • Wound Infection Cures - Apply Maggots, then Bandage

Wound Infections will not go away unless they're treated. They can also lead to a Fever. Treat them with Maggots, either by finding them in the wild or Harvesting Spoiled Food (such as Spoiled Meat).

Once cured, the Wound Infection will be replaced with a Scratch / Abrasion that must be treated in the normal fashion.

Venom Wound

  • Venom Wound Causes - Bite from a venomous animal, Picking up a Poison Dart Frog
  • Venom Wound Cures - Lily Dressing, Tobacco Dressing, eating Plantain Lily

Venom Wounds often cause Fevers and can result in your death if untreated. You can run the risk of sleeping it off and hoping that you survive.

A Venom Wound from a Poison Dart Frog can be lethal, even to a player with full health. Do not pick up a Poison Dart Frog unless you have anti-Venom medication available.


  • Rash Causes - Walking too close to an Anthill
  • Rash Cures - Lily Dressing, Waiting

Rashes can be avoided if you give bug nests a wide berth. They will heal on their own, but you can heal them faster with a Lily Dressing.


  • Leech Causes - Moving around
  • Leech Cures - Removal by hand

Leeches will randomly appear on the player while you're moving through the jungle. They can only be cured by removing them.

You cannot prevent Leeches from attacking you, even with Armor.


  • Fever Causes - Venom Wound, Infection
  • Fever Cures - Painkillers, Waiting

Fevers cause a rapid loss of Energy and Hydration. If you get a Fever and you don't have any medication, you should immediately move to a Bed to prevent passing out.

You can sleep off most stacks of a Fever by waiting.

Food Poisoning

  • Food Poisoning Causes - Eating Spoiled Food, certain uncooked Foods, or certain Foods
  • Food Poisoning Cures - Charcoal, Water Lily, Waiting

Food Poisoning causes you to vomit which results in the loss of Macroelements (and as a consequence, the loss of Health).

Food Poisoning can usually be cured by waiting, but more severe versions of this disease can potentially kill you.


  • Parasites Causes - Eating uncooked Meat, Drinking Dirty Water or Unsafe Water, Eating while Dirty
  • Parasite Cures - Unknown Mushroom (red cup), Unknown Mushroom (blue), Unknown Fruit (green)

Parasites are easy to avoid with good hygiene and Cooking practices.

This disease drains your Macroelements faster than normal. Parasites will not go away unless treated.


  • Worm Causes - Sleeping on the ground
  • Worm Cures - Bone Needle

Worms will cause rapid Sanity loss if not treated. Use a Bone Needle to remove them. You should always keep a Bone Needle in your Backpack, just in case you pass out on the ground and catch Worms.

Once the Worms are removed, you'll have to bandage the Scratch / Abrasion as normal.


  • Dirt Causes - Picking up River Mud, Making Mud Bricks, Carrying Mud Bricks, Harvesting Animals
  • Dirt Cures - Washing up in water

Dirt can be cured by washing yourself in water. Eating while covered in Dirt can causes Parasites.

That's the end of our Green Hell Healing and Medicine Guide. If you've found it helpful, why not check out our other guides below?

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