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Gord is filled with horrors, and our Gord Horrors Guide will give you the low-down on how to defeat them, what sort of demands they're liable to make, and what sort of special abilities they happen to be packing.

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Gord Horrors List

Below, we've listed out each horror you'll find in Gord, as well as their stats and how you're best to go about defeating them. Please note: Horror health is dependent on your difficulty setting, and the attack stats are semi-random. We've included the ranges we've come across but they may be different for you. 

The 'initial offering' is the demand that each horror will make when you first encounter them in a scenario. After that, it becomes semi-randomized as far as we can tell. Keep checking back as we'll update this guide with any new horrors that we discover in the game. 

Gord screenshot showing a giant fleshy horror covered in strange boils and gross pustules


A big gloopy rotten monster covered in horrible boils with little tiny spindly arms. Typically found festering somewhere in the swampland, he’s liable to demand some form of human sacrifice from you, typically a child. 

Preferred Demands: Human Sacrifice: Child

Stat Block

  • Health: 2,800-4,600
  • Primary Attack: 8.4 - 20.7
  • Secondary Attack: 13.8 - 34.5
  • Behavior: Attacks weakest targets in range
  • Buff: +50% attack during rain
  • Special Ability: Infest - Summons tiny spiders to nibble your health away constantly.

How to Beat Aardvan in Gord

If you're dead set on taking Aardvan down, here's the best way to do it. Your biggest advantage is that Aardvan literally cannot move during combat, but he also withers your health constantly. The best bet is to rely on your strongest ranged units from a distance while flooding him with weaker melee fighters to distract his annoying spiders.

While enchantments don't work on him (or any horror) remember to buff your units and don't attack in the rain. 

Gord screenshot showing a fleshy horror gripping a nearby spike in a slightly suggestive maner


Lauma is as close to a silent hill monster as you’ll get in Gord, with her fleshy face and a strange affinity for belts. She’s typically found sitting atop a throne of blood and bones because she’s a metal like that. 

Initial Demand - Human Sacrifice: Any

Stat Block

  • Health: 1,960-3,220
  • Primary Attack: 38.5 - 92
  • Secondary Attack: 30 - 63.2
  • Behavior: Attacks weakest targets in range
  • Buff: +50% max health in autumn. 
  • Special Ability: Sap - drains the life force from units

How to Beat Lauma in Gord

To take down Lauma, you're going to need a lot of luck on your side. Though she's relatively low on health, her attack isn't to be sniffed at, and her ability to heal makes her annoying to face long-term. 

Take as many high-experience warriors with you, but also bring in some duds. Since she targets weaker units, you can force her to only regenerate limited health by keeping plenty of weak, low-health-total units up in her grill to pull aggro for you. Once again, avoid combat in the autumn months. 

Gord screenshot showing a hybrid plant and amphibious snake-like creature swimming half submerged in a pond


When you think giant slimy corpse worm, you think Morkul. This fellow is another one you’ll find crawling around swampy waters, though he has less of a taste for human flesh compared with his friends. 

Initial Demand - Imbue with Faith via Incantation

Stat Block

  • Health: 3,010 - 4,945
  • Primary Attack: 63 -103.5
  • Secondary Attack: 35 - 57.5
  • Behavior: Attacks weakest targets in range
  • Buff: +50% health regen during rain
  • Special Ability: Pestilence - Summons a flock of carrion-filled birds that explode and poison your units. 

How to Beat Morkul in Gord

Morkul might be average in terms of health, but he is a tough customer to deal with thanks to those special abilities and buffs. Increased health regen and a flock of poison-chucking birds make this a tough fight, at least in the rain. 

Since Morkul likes to hang out in the water, your villagers may struggle to get to him. Try and have a large contingent of ranged units, and then bring cannon fodder to draw aggro from your main force. Try to take note of any green herbs near the battle, as you'll need to use them if any of your valuable units get poisoned. 

Gord screenshot showing an old man covered in blue tattoos as he stands with glowing blue eyes and a shining aura around him


Basically old-father wind with an embarrassing amount of bodily nudity involved. Foehn is probably one of the quirkier Horrors you’ll deal with in the game, mostly thanks to his playful nature. 

Initial Demand - Don't let anyone lose full sanity within the time limit.

Stat Block:

  • Health: 1,960 - 3,220
  • Primary Attack: 45.5 - 74.8
  • Secondary Attack: 31.5 - 51.8
  • Behavior: Attacks the weakest targets in range
  • Conditional Buff: +50% movement speed/attack rate during heavy wind
  • Special Ability: Haze - temporarily invokes mist that prevents units from attacking

How to Beat Foehn in Gord

Foehn isn't the weakest, but his stat block is surprisingly poor for a horror. The biggest thing to look out for is Haze because it prevents your units from being able to attack. On the plus side, it seems like it might be possible to counteract this effect by casting Sight in the same zone (further testing is still needed.) 

Don't attack during heavy wind, at any cost, but beyond that, you might want to just power up a lot of units and throw them at him. He's one of the easier ones to take down if you can catch him at the right time. 

Gord screenshot showing a floating skeleton in a red robe that is surrouned by several skeletal after images and a red glow


This one is the closest horror to something you’d find in the Warhammer universe. Libera is a floating undead skeleton who is annoyed about his own death and decides to make it everyone else’s problem. 

Initial Demand: Quest: Find four body parts

Stat Block:

  • Health: 1,750-2,875
  • Primary Attack: 35 - 57.5
  • Secondary Attack: 28 - 46
  • Behavior: Attacks the weakest targets in range
  • Buff: Doubles health regen in darkness
  • Special Ability: Fracture - Summons demons to crush your units’ limbs

How to Beat Libera in Gord

Another of the physically weak horrors, Libera seems like she mostly relies on a bad reputation to avoid having enemies rip her to (even more) pieces. Mostly not too much of a problem to deal with using normal combat tactics because Fracture isn't a huge issue when you want your units right up in her grill anyway. 

Attacking her in darkness is the only surefire way of losing, or just not bringing enough units to the party. Load up on powerful units and equip them well and you should take her down pretty quickly. 

Gord screenshot showing an undead looking reindeer standing amongst a lot of orange and red plants


Leyin is easily the most ‘Pagan’ of all the Horrors in Gord, looking for all the world like a very goth Reindeer. He is also slightly friendlier than most of his contemporaries, but you should look out for the blowback from his demands. 

Initial Demand - Tribute: 2 Game Animal Carcasses

Stat Block

  • Health: 2,310 - 3,795
  • Primary Attack: 42 - 69
  • Secondary Attack: 50.4 - 82.8
  • Behavior: Attacks the weakest targets in range
  • Buff: +50% attack in forest terrain
  • Special Ability: Entangle - Temporarily immobilizes your units

How to Beat Leyin in Gord

If you've got a problem with hunting then look away now, time to take down an evil deer. Leyin is pretty intimidating and moves quite fast for such a big boy. You 100% need to aggro him and draw him out of the forest or you are going to die. Period. 

Use a fast unit like a scout to draw his attention and try to get him to follow you to more favorable ground. Once he's out there, ambush him with everything you have for your best chance at success. 

Gord screenshot showing a giant black bird sitting in a nest with glowing orange eyes and lines across its body


Aitvar is a fun person, composed entirely of dead bird meat and fire as far as I can tell. While she is certainly more aggro than Leyin, she’s also comparatively chill amongst the horrors, but that won’t stop him from asking you to sacrifice people for him. 

Initial Demand - Defend Eggs from Raids

Stat Block

  • Health:  2,520 - 4,140
  • Primary Attack: 42 - 46
  • Secondary Attack: 29.4 - 32.2
  • Behavior: Targets the weakest enemies in range
  • Buff: +50% attack damage during clear weather
  • Special Ability: God Ray - Heals damage to itself using sunlight

How to Beat Aitvar in Gord

Aitvar is a big bird hiding in his nest, but he is no slouch once you start combat. Upon aggroing him he will immediately burst into flames and start attacking, as well as spawning minions. Even worse, his special ability heals him and he is incredibly tough to hit. 

He has a tendency to swarm you, so try to rely on range to give you an advantage. Remember, you need to have weaker units in your melee party to draw all his aggro, then have overpowered ranged fighters in the back picking away at his health. You'll also need to protect your archers from his minons. 

Gord screenshot showing a half naked dryad walking around a pond and staring at the camera


Well, you’ll be seeing this character on 'certain websites' within the week. Rusalka is basically the horror version of a dryad, though she has more love for shiny things from below the earth than the green and growing things above it. 

Initial Demand - Tribute: Build Statue + 20 Clay + 20 Iron + 20 Gold

Stat Block

  • Health: 1,344 - 2,208
  • Primary Attack: 45.5 -74.8
  • Secondary Attack: 31.5 - 51.8
  • Behavior: Attack the weakest targets within range
  • Buff: Double health regen in the rain
  • Special Ability: Control - Temporarily tries to control one of your units

How to Beat Rusalka in Gord

Rusalka has the lowest health of all the Horrors and isn't overly mobile during combat. As such, she's the easiest to take down with swarming tactics, as long as you go in with enough firepower backing you up. 

As long as you can avoid attacking her in the rain, and go in with high enough health and stats, she should go down before your villagers do. Watch out for Control, but remember, she'll mostly target the weaker units with it. 

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