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In Gord, you'll play the role of the leader of the Tribe of Dawn, building up your city and making tough decisions as you venture deep into the Forbidden Lands of the game. Beyond purely city-building elements, players will accept questions that shape not only your city, but the people within it. However, this is more than just a city-builder, and it will be up to you to explore the world around you, and defend your tribe using powerful spells.

Explore beyond the walls of your settlement to complete the numerous scenarios and quests that the game throws at you, with a dark fantasy world that has perils around every corner. Inspired by Slavic mythology, the game uses mythology as a base, and according to the developer, there's a drawback in that it is complex and open to interpretation, and also that it's not as well-documented as the Greek or Roman pantheons are. As such, the team felt the need to "simplify" the mythology; you'll see mutated creatures and animals in the game, but you'll also meet Slavic deities like Veles, who is a god of many things, including the underworld and the earth itself.

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PC, Xbox Series X|S
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August 8, 2023 (Calendar)
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