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Dolmen features most of what you'd expect from a Soulslike title – challenging combat, slow and methodical exploration, and plenty of weapons and armor to craft. However, it differentiates itself in a few key ways. Most notably, it allows you to respawn bosses to farm crafting materials for special weapons and earn some nanites for leveling your character further. Let's take a look at why you'll want to prioritize this feature and how you can go about making it happen - here's how to respawn Dolmen bosses.

Why should you respawn Dolmen bosses?

Each boss has a unique craftable weapon that requires 3 of the same crafting material to create. You'll earn one of these upon defeating the boss the first time, but you'll need to respawn and kill them two more times to get enough materials to craft the weapon. This is an important process because many of the boss weapons are actually a step up from those that you gain access to by other means.

In addition to gaining these special crafting materials, you'll also earn a set number of nanites for each boss kill. Because each boss offers more nanites than the last, you'll want to prioritize respawning and defeating early-game bosses soon after your first encounter with them so that you can capitalize on a meaningful chunk of nanites for where you're currently at in the game.

How do you respawn bosses?

Respawning bosses requires three Dolmen Fragments. These items are relatively uncommon drops from any enemy in the game, and you'll generally accrue somewhere between 5-10 of them on your way between one boss and the next. However, just like nanites, they are lost upon death, so you'll want to use them to respawn bosses before entering any dangerous zones that may result in you losing everything.

Once you have three Dolmen Fragments, you have two options for respawning a boss:

The first option is to go just outside of the boss arena where you'll find a small, alien terminal of sorts. You can use the fragments there to respawn the boss.

Secondly, you can opt to return the ship at any resting spot, then take the lift up to the second floor to speak to the NPC there. He provides the option to respawn any boss in the game that you've previously defeated.

What happens when I respawn a boss?

When you decide to respawn the boss, you'll be instantly teleported to the arena to fight them. The fight will be identical to your first encounter, but this time around, do keep in mind that dying will result in total failure, meaning that you'll have to find and use three more Dolmen Fragments to try again. However, you will not lose any nanites or Dolmen Fragments you were currently carrying when you respawned the boss, so at least that's one less stress to worry over.

How do you craft the boss weapons?

Once you've obtained the crafting materials needed to craft the boss weapons, simply head back to your ship and access the crafting machine. In this menu, you'll now see the boss weapon available to craft like any other item, and you'll be able to customize it with other crafting materials to make it suit your build a bit better.

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