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As you make your way through the sci-fi world of Dolmen, you'll come across a variety of tough-as-nails boss fights, but there's nothing quite like your first. Thankfully, the game does a good job of introducing a fair and relatively simple initial boss encounter with Dementula – a giant bug creature with lengthy attack wind-ups and straightforward mechanics. In this guide, we'll give you all the info you need about Dolmen's first boss so that you can take her down in no time. Here's our Dolmen Dementula Boss Fight Guide!

How do you beat Dementula?

Dementula's primary form of attack is to fire little balls of acid spit at you. These are extremely easy to dodge and serve merely as a manner of keeping you moving throughout the fight. Early in the encounter, your main focus should be to avoid these and close the gap so that you can get some hits off with your melee weapon.

Keep an eye out for the boss to get a red symbol above its head, which indicates that it's about to do an unblockable attack. Typically – especially during the early part of the fight – this will just mean that it's going to do a lunge across the arena. This can be dodged with very little effort, leaving you with an opportunity to punish the boss with a handful of hits before it begins attacking again. Sometimes, though, Dementula will poke forward with its legs to get some quick damage on you, so try to stay to her side when possible.

A few times throughout the fight, Dementula will roar and break open the sacks around the outskirts of the arena, which will unleash three of the small bugs you've likely been fighting on your way to this boss room. Luckily, they hatch at around half-health, and Dementula will commonly just stay back and fire a few of those balls of acid spit at you while you dispatch her babies. Your safest bet is to strafe around the arena and take them out with ranged attacks, though you can also take large horizontal swings at all of them at once with a greatsword, if you happen to be wielding one.

Eventually, Dementula will gain a new attack to keep an eye out for where she'll wind up and spin in one direction and then the other. If you're caught in this, you can expect to take quite a bit of damage, so be mindful of when it's coming and dodge directly backward at least twice to ensure that you've put enough distance between the two of you.

What do you get for beating Dementula?

For slaying the first boss, you'll earn plenty of nanites and some crafting materials, including a special material that can be used to craft a unique boss weapon called Dementular Claws. To craft these two-handed claws, though, you'll need to collect a total of three of those materials. Collecting more of them requires you to respawn Dementula and kill her two more times, which you can find out how to do here.

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