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Prime Matter
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May 20, 2022 (Calendar)
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Looking for a dark space game to explore and survive in? Check out Dolmen, an indie action RPG from developer Massive Work Studio.

The player is brought to the alien-infested world of Revion Prime, with a singular goal; bring back samples of a crystal called Dolmen that has unique properties that can literally change the fabric of the universe. The catch, of course, is surviving long enough to get some Dolmen before it's too late.

Dolmen follows the Dark Souls formula of being an action RPG with swift, dynamic combat. Players must explore and survive Revion Prime, managing their energy as best as possible against the hostile alien wildlife. Using energy can power up your melee and ranged weapons with special effects that give an edge in combat, but energy is a finite resource, one that may not be replenished in time if you are not careful. 

With a full planet to explore, multiple bosses to encounter, and more surprises planned, Dolmen looks to be a solid hit for anyone who is daring enough to take on the challenge ahead. Dolmen is available for the PC. 

Developer Quote

In Dolmen you will grow stronger with each battle!
Experience a rich combat system with various weapons and moves at your disposal.
Switch natively between melee and ranged combat to overcome the most challenging enemies Revion Prime has to offer.

Energy management is key to victory in Dolmen.
Energy is not only used for ranged weapons, but also for activating "Energy Mode".
"Energy Mode" imbues your melee weapons with elemental status effects, letting you take full advantage of your enemy's weaknesses.

A devastated, darkly beautiful world is waiting to be explored.
Will you find all the secrets that Revion Prime has to offer? Or will this cruel world push you to the brink of death?

Surviving is the last thing this world wants you to do.
Will you see your timeline erased or will you overcome the challenge that awaits you?

Revion Prime offers a plethora of gruesome monstrosities that will put your skills to the test.