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Skunkape Games
Skunkape Games
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October 17, 2006 (Calendar)
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Everyone's favorite crime-fighting duo return to 3D in their first outing with Telltale Games, Sam & Max: Save the World

The Freelance Police are on the case when former child stars begin running amok around the street. Guide Sam & Max through the case with this old-school, episodic adventure game, complete with a cast of side characters that will help them solve the case, one hilarious moment after another! 

Sam & Max: Save the World was originally released episodically between 2006 and 2007, and later released on the PC, Nintendo Wii and the Xbox 360 as Sam & Max: Season One.  On December 2nd, 2020, Sam & Max: Save the World gets the remaster treatment, with Skunkape Games helming the remaster for the PC and Nintendo Switch.