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Armature Studio
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January 11, 2005 (Calendar)
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Resident Evil 4 is the continuation of the storied Resident Evil franchise and is often considered one of the best games in the series. 

Leon Kennedy returns as he searches for the kidnapped daughter of the president in the Spanish countryside. Soon, he is fighting for his life against the Las Plagas, a new bioterror threat that is eerily similar to what the Umbrella Corporation has done years ago. 

One of the most celebrated games of all time, Resident Evil 4 has been re-released and ported across multiple console generations over the years. Originally released on the Gamecube, it has since been ported to the Nintendo Switch, Wii, PlayStation 2, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One, IOS, and Android devices. Its latest release is a VR version for the Oculus Quest 2, with development being handled by Armature Studio. 

Resident Evil 4 is available now. 

Developer Quote

Resident Evil 4 adds context-sensitive controls. Based on the situation, players can interact with the environment: kicking down a ladder, jumping out of a window, dodging an attack, or executing a "finishing move" on weakened enemies. There are also quick time events, in which the player must press buttons indicated on-screen to execute actions such as dodging a falling boulder or wrestling an enemy to stay alive. These are often incorporated into the game's many boss fights, in which the player must avoid instant-kill attacks.